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All the Highlights You Missed From Chanel’s 2021/22 Métiers D’art Collection

The house of Chanel always celebrates craft. And its new métiers d’art show, which took place just days ago in Paris was simply a love letter to craft. The showcase took place in Le 19M, the palatial Rudy Ricciotti-designed building owned by the Chanel house that regroups in one space the most refined French artisans, from sequin embroiderers to feather trimmers and from master shoe makers.

What does 19M stands for? The number signifies the district where the building is located, and also happens to be Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel’s date of birth (August 19, 1883). As for the ‘M’, it symbolizes the three French words in the essence of craft: ‘mode’ (fashion), ‘mains’ (hands) and ‘metiers d’art’. The building was the main inspiration behind Viard’s collection. Its graphic white concrete shell, representing giant threads, was echoed in the embroidered pockets of the elongated black tweed coats that opened the show. Dense sequinned embroideries evoked graffiti patterns and deconstructed Cs (emblems of the maison), while baggy knit shorts and layers of gold chains gave a nod to streetwear culture.

The showcase also championed outerwear with tweed coats twinkling with silver sequins, ruffle-edge jeans and CC-logo pants. Cozy cardigans with big patch pockets and a tweed bomber jacket with sweatshirt sleeves embroidered with pearls brought a laidback finish to the brand’s elegant aesthetic.

It’s safe to say that Viard’s latest creations take tweed to the streets, putting a youthful lens on the French luxury house with a special kind of finesse. Below, check out some of the most interesting looks from the

with a finesse that only the Taking the tweed to the street only proves the youth oriented vision that Viard has for the house 2021/2022 métiers d’art show.

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