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Everything to Know About Cartier’s First High Jewelry Exhibition Presented in Diriyah

Cartier and Saudi Arabia have had a long-standing history of collaborations. For the newest chapter in the partnership, Cartier presents Al Thara wa Althuraya, its first-ever high jewelry collection, in the Unesco World Heritage Site of Diriyah. An homage to the deep-rooted relationship between Cartier and the Kingdom, the exhibition proudly showcased 40 breathtaking jewelry pieces, some for the first time ever in an exclusive showing from the Cartier Collection, and 200 signature and classic creations from the maison.

Boréale necklace and bracelet, Cartier. Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Philipp Jelenska

Bleuets necklace in platinum with sapphire beads, sapphires, and diamonds, Cartier. Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Philipp Jelenska

The presentation included the exquisite Essaouira collection comprising a 4.17ct white gold necklace, adorned with fluted emerald and chalcedony beads, cabochon-and princess-cut sapphires, square-shaped emerald, onyx, turquoise, and all set with 324 brilliant-cut diamonds. The piece was paired with a ring, bracelet, and earrings with similar gems for a beguiling look. Also part of the showcase was the Solenia collection with a necklace inspired by begonia—a delicate pink-hued flower known for its asymmetrical petals—featuring 18.57ct diamonds. It was coupled with a pair of pendant earrings with the same stunning gems and the stunning addition of purple spinels.

Essaouira earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring in white gold with chalcedony beads, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, Cartier. Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Philipp Jelenska

Solenia earrings and necklace in platinum with tourmaline, spinels, and pink and white diamonds, Cartier. Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Philipp Jelenska

Other highlights include the Kalanchoe and Bleuet necklace, and the Boréale collection. The Kalanchoe necklace and earrings are both made of white gold, cabochon-cut light opal from Brazil, brilliant-cut diamonds, rectangular-shaped pink spinels, and green tourmaline beads for a perfect pairing. The floral palette of pink and green are reminiscent of a succulent plant, the main point of inspiration for the high jewelry collection. The Bleuet necklace is crafted using platinum, with brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphire beads and drops evoking a dark azure dream and can be worn past the décolletage for full-on extravagance or for a more subdued look to the collarbones that is just as elegant.

Yellow Emoi earrings and necklace in white gold with yellow sapphires and diamonds, Cartier. Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Philipp Jelenska

Kalanchoe necklace and ring in white gold with opal, pink spinels, tourmalines beads, and diamonds, Cartier. Vogue Arabia, April 2022. Photo: Philipp Jelenska

Like days of pale blue winter skies and white clouds, the Boréale collection evokes polar grandeur with its matching necklace and bracelet of light blue beads and diamonds. Honorable mention goes to the Yellow Emoi collection, which embodies sunshine and vitality in a white gold-curated necklace and matching pendant earrings embellished with bright yellow sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds.

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Videography: Kais Dahoul
Taim Dahoul
Mohammad Hazem Rezq

Hair: Mona Ali
Makeup: Hessa Alajaji
Production: Danica Zivkovic
Local producer: Mustafa Alamasi
Photography assistant: Bader Alyousif
Style assistant: Shaimaa Habbal
Model: Sophie Al Shehry at Women 360 Management NY

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