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Carrie Bradshaw Just Made Sex and The City History With Her Latest Outfit

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Filming on season two of HBO Max’s And Just Like That…, the Sex and the City sequel series, has officially begun. Details on the next phase of Carrie’s journey are under wraps, but thankfully, the show’s costume department has taken to sharing tantalizing sneak peeks of Carrie’s fashion on Instagram this upcoming season. A new on-set photo, released on Monday, shows Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays the iconic character, wearing a very on-trend head-to-toe pink—or, to be more precise, fuchsia—look.

The outfit is sophisticated and polished. In the photo, the perennial It Girl wears a vintage dress and purse, paired with the Ada chain and Connexion diamond pendant necklace from fine jewelry brand Jemma Wynne. Bradshaw kept things sleek and timeless by styling her gray-blended hair in a slicked-back bun and what appears to be a fabulous “no-makeup” look.

According to the caption, the outfit is a Sex and the City universe milestone. It’s the first time Carrie Bradshaw has worn an ensemble all in one color—a big pivot for a character known for pulling together outfits from seemingly disparate pieces. For example, an Hermés scarf turned into a bandanna and paired with a pink cocktail dress; A belt wrapped around an exposed midriff. In Carrie’s world, chaos is cohesion.

But who says people can’t change? Sure, at first glance, monochromatic dressing does feel very un-Carrie Bradshaw. But, then again, being on trend is very her. Head-to-toe pink looks are all the rage right now, thanks primarily to the delightful designs of Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino. Zendaya, Lizzo, Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan and many others have rocked all-pink-everything get-ups this year. If Carrie were to ever embrace tonal fashion, now is certainly the time.

We certainly trust costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago on the claim that this is Carrie’s first foray into monochromatic minimalism. As illustrated in And Just Like That… The Documentary, they—along with SJP— have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of Bradshaw’s costumes throughout the years, aided by an extensive and robust archive and meticulous documentation.

And don’t worry. It doesn’t seem like Carrie has completely abandoned her love for delightfully zany and unexpected styling. Just last week the costume department shared a glimpse of the character strutting around town with a pigeon clutch designed by JW Anderson.

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