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Carrie Bradshaw Just Brought Back One of Her Best Dresses From Sex and the City


Carrie Bradshaw in her Atelier Versace gown in And Just Like That. Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max

Since And Just Like That hit the airwaves in December, fashion-lover Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) has been wearing outfits that are a mixture of the old and new. In some episodes she wears new pieces like a Carolina Herrera shirtdress; in others, she revives old classics that she first wore in her Sex and the City days, including her trusty blue Manolos and Fendi Baguette bags. In the latest episode, however, Carrie returned to one her best Sex and the City–era dresses of all time—you may recognize it from her disastrous trip to Paris in Season 6.

If you’re a diehard fan of the original show, you’ll remember that Carrie moves to Paris to be with her new artist lover, Aleksandr Petrovsky. (She ends up lonely, and Big comes to her rescue and returns her to her beloved New York). In the two-part series finale, she gets all glammed up for a night out with Petrovsky, wearing Atelier Versace’s Mille Feuille gown with an epic tulle skirt (it’s reportedly valued at $80,000). Only the boyfriend never shows up, and she ends up falling asleep in the glamorous creation in her bed.

In episode eight of And Just Like That, Carrie busts out the dazzling gown once again to show it to Seema Patel, her real-estate agent/friend. “Do you want to see something amazing? It is my pride and joy,” Carrie says. “I’ve only worn her twice. Once in Paris. And once here, just for fun. I sat at that window and ate a whole thing of Jiffy Pop.” While the gown seems to have never gotten her epic night-out, Carrie has clearly held onto her for sentimental value. Who can blame her? But she does say that eventually she’ll pass it down to Charlotte’s daughter Lily, who has been helping her with her clothing archiving. Lucky girl.

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