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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is Being Celebrated with These Nature-Inspired Activations By Burberry

The Queen in Burberry. Photo:

The Queen‘s Platinum Jubilee is being celebrated far and wide, with many dedicated events taking place across the UK. Contributing to the festivities, Burberry has unveiled a series of special activations in London.

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

A particularly collectible one is the British luxury brand’s new commemorative scarf. Taking over the square-shaped silk accessory are hand-illustrated motifs inspired by ancient British woodlands and their flora and fauna. The colorful print features Yew trees, bluebells, butterflies, squirrels, and birds which represent each of the four British nations: a robin for England, capercaillie for Scotland, sparrowhawk for Northern Ireland, and golden eagle for Wales. The scarf’s creation was marked by Burberry’s commitment to biodiversity, with the brand donated to the Woodland Trust which aims to make the country rich in native woods and trees.

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

The UK’s natural treasures are also being celebrated via Burberry’s partnership with Superbloom, an immersive floral display set to surround the Tower of London. One of the outdoor installations contributed by the fashion house is Floating Meadow, a zero-waste installation of over 5,000 plants and 1.4 tonnes of recycled plastic collected from rivers around the UK. Aiming to promote pollination, the plants selected are reflective of the English river ecosystems and are often found on riverbanks such as the Thames. One of the main goals of the installation is to highlight the role natural grasslands and marshes play in storing carbon, and that flowering species play in providing food and nectar to pollinators and common riverside wildlife. Another installation worth paying a trip to is the Art Wall created in collaboration with digital artist Jon Emmony. The artwork depicts a future utopian world with biodiversity and nature at its core, and is located at the entrance of Superbloom at the Tower of London.

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

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