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The Ultimate Gift Guide for All Your Loved Ones This Ramadan

Bulgari, Ramadan gift guide

Shop our edit of Bvlgari’s newest capsule for the ultimate Ramadan gift guide. Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

During this unprecedented Ramadan people are, more than ever, taking the time to express their gratitude and love towards the people around them. The tradition of Ramadan gifting is as pertinent as ever, with thoughtful sentiments and meaningful gestures taking center stage during Holy Month celebrations. Scroll through our curated edit below of Bvlgari‘s exclusive fine jewelry and accessory collections for the ultimate Ramadan gift guide for every special recipient in your life. The label will home deliver the gift for you as well (the service isn’t available in KSA), so you can make your loved one’s day without having to step outside.

For the ambitious leader

Bulgari, Serpenti bag, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

Every power suit needs a matching statement bag to imbue the ensemble with show-stopping flair. Look no further than the Serpenti diamond blast bag to add an edge to your business professional closet and epitomize success in only the most stylish of ways.

For the sentimental daughter

Bulgari, watch, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

A treasured keepsake to pass down through the generations, the distinctively timeless Serpenti Seduttori and Serpenti Tubogas timepieces will inspire fond memories of past and affectionate nostalgia for future family members alike.

For the artist

Bulgari, jewelry, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

A courageous creative recognizes the value of subtle simplicity and understated elegance in even the most minute detail—characteristics personified in the enchanting malachite-encrusted Diva Dream collection paying homage to the free-spirited Romans.

For the trend-setter

Bulgari, Serpenti Forever Shoulder bag, Ramadan

Serpenti Forever Shoulder bag. Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

Renowned for making her own rules instead of playing by anyone else’s, a true fashionista refuses to conform to society’s trends and is proud to let her individualism reign free, such as with this special edition golden emerald crystal galuchat skin shoulder bag that exudes grace and charisma.

For the elegant new mother

Bulgari, jewelry, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

Between juggling virtual playdates, feedings, and nap times along with her own everyday responsibilities, it can almost seem there aren’t enough hours in a day for a new mother. However, the blooming Fiorever and alluring Diva’s Dream are the ideal delicate yet practical quintessentially feminine pieces to don before her busy day begins.

For the extrovert

Serpenti Forever Crossbody bag, Bulgari, Ramadan

Serpenti Forever bags. Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

Although social events around the world have come to a halt for the time being, these modern reinterpretations of the classic Serpenti Forever bag will be the go-to accessory for the first get-together post-quarantine, with outgoing personalities reflected in the equally bold fire amber or grape amethyst colorways for a striking impression.

For the glamorous guest

Bulgari, jewelry, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fine jewelry set as steeped in sophistication as the Serpenti collection. Starring Bvlgari’s iconic serpent in 18kt white gold with pavé diamonds, the mesmerizing rings and bracelets won’t be the only preciosities wrapped around their hands at the next iftar.

For the optimistic traveler

Bulgari, sunglasses, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

Any contemporary world-traveler knows the unspoken importance of a chic pair of sunglasses that can complement any outfit while on vacation, whether it be exploring the unbeaten bath or relaxing at a beachside resort. Curb the currently quarantined jet-setter’s wanderlust with these contemporary frames for a weightless one-eyewear-for-all-occasions that will easily climb to the top of her packing list must-haves as soon as the world reopens once again.

For the adventurer

Bulgari, watch, Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Bvlgari

Soon-to-be outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that this automatic timepiece is water-resistant for up to 30 meters while the sleek black sandblasted ceramic exterior is the perfect accompaniment for any adrenaline-racing activity—or walk around the block.

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