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These Brazilian Designers Stunned at Arab Fashion Week

Sandro Barros

Sandro Barros at Brazil Noble, Arab Fashion Week 2020. Photo: Courtesy

Arab fashion week returned last week for its 12th annual edition, welcoming Brazil Noble, the first virtual fashion event that aims to connect Brazilian designers to the Arab fashion world.

Organized by co-founders Cecilia Bicca and Larissa Wilson, Reginaldo Fonseca, and Vincezo Visciglia, the first edition of Brazil Noble took place on October 22, with a private viewing of the stunning showcase at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. The six designers featured were subject to acclaim for their creative and compelling designs. Dubai’s homegrown Brazilian-Lebanese brand Aavva joined Brazilian talents Andrea Conti, Emannuelle Junqueira, Maison Alexandrine, Sandro Barros, and Vitor Zerbinato for the virtual display, which saw the best of Brazilian fashion and artistry brought to the Arab world.

“We are so proud to bring the first edition of Brazil Noble alive in partnership with Arab Fashion Week. The Arab world is surely the hub of creativity, innovation, and prosperity in every regard,” says Rejane Silva, brand ambassador of Brazil Noble. “Brazil Noble envisions presenting and honoring the premium quality of the Brazilian fashion industry and we wanted to step in via Dubai.” She continues, “We want people to know the Brazilian mastery and hopefully showcasing this with Brazil’s top designers presenting here will ignite curiosity among the international fashion enthusiasts and create international accessibility and business opportunities between the Brazilian and the world fashion industry.”

Here are some of the masterful talents who are part of Brazil Noble’s Arab fashion week debut.


Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia are the duo behind this Dubai homegrown label. Their impressive Mother of Pearls collection was the inspiring close of the virtual fashion show. Their all-black or white looks detailed with monochromatic pearls reflect bold, yet simplistic style.

Andrea Conti

The only high jewelry designer featured in the first edition of Brazil Noble, Andrea Conti is known for her contemporary designs embodying the elegance and strength of women and nature, evident in her collection titled Power of Love.

Emannuelle Junqueira

A designer who is synonymous with breathtaking and majestic bridal designs, Emannuelle Junqueira tells the distinguished story of each bride through her intricate, couture-inspired collection.

Maison Alexandrine

Alexandra Fructuoso, the woman behind the brand, is recognized for her power of celebrating modern-day women throughout her designs. Maison Alexandrine has gained recognition for dressing Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian West.

Sandro Barros

A favorite among brides and celebrities alike, Sandro Barros’s unique ability for immaculate embroidery and passion for porcelain, art, and history are perfectly executed in his designs.

Vitor Zerbinato

Luxury haute couturier José Vitor Zerbinato pays homage to Brazilian heritage and artistry through his elegant and inventive designs.

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