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Blake Lively Gave Her Pastel Versace Gown a Casual Spin With This Denim Jacket


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When it comes to couture, most celebrities play it safe. Wearing fashion’s highest artform can be daunting, and the desire to stay true to a designer’s vision often hinders experimentation. Thankfully, stars like Blake Lively think outside the box. At the New York premiere of husband Ryan Reynolds’ new sci-fi drama, The Adam Project, Lively arrived in a dazzling mix of high-end and accessible fashion. Dipping into the archives to unearth a rainbow gown from Atelier Versace, Lively brought back the spring 2019 collection, one of Donatella’s most festive in recent memory. A mix of pastel shades—lavender, periwinkle, pink, and baby blue—with a thigh-baring slit, her look was a romantic take on Versace’s trademark sexiness.


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Most of the couture worn at premieres or events is styled to match what is presented on the runway, but having worn more than her share of sultry Atelier Versace creations, Lively decided to have fun with things. Throwing on a long, light-wash jean jacket, Chanel’s hot pink flap clutch, and Gucci’s rhinestone-embellished Mallory sandals, she utilized multiple labels. Lively, who doesn’t rely on a stylist and isn’t boxed in by a brand contract, is free to mix and match labels in a way that feels true to her personality and as she posed in her pastel finery for the photographers gathered outside Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall she seemed in her element.


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Though she removed her outerwear to walk the step and repeat with Reynolds, the addition of the casual staple is what made Lively’s outfit a standout. A simple way to take ultra-luxury pieces off their pedestal and bring them into the real world, the jean jacket added nonchalance to the look and an easy-to-replicate style lesson. You might not have a piece of Versace couture hanging at the back of your closet, but odds are there’s some denim there waiting to be incorporated into your evening wear.

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