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Bil Arabi Launches a New Collection That Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

Since its launch in 2006, Nadine Kanso‘s Bil Arabi has gone on to cement itself as heirloom jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation — much like her mother’s vintage diamond ring, which was the first piece of jewelry that she owned. The Beirut-based brand, which was born out of the Lebanese designer’s desire to make a statement about her Arab identity, is celebrated for incorporating Arabic calligraphy in its timeless and keepsake designs that are both cool and conventional.

“Bil Arabi is about the beauty of the Arabic alphabet but also about how far I can push its form and bring it to the contemporary and our modern days,” said Kanso. “I am not a jewelry designer; I am just a designer who loves to be creative. Working in jewelry made me one, but it was always about expressing myself and being proud of my identity.”

Bil Arabi Nujum Collection. Courtesy of Ounass

Today, the designer has just launched her newest collection on e-tailer Ounass. Entitled “Nujum” (stars) the line-up features the jewelry designer’s signature Arabic calligraphy lettering and dramatized stars set in diamonds and various gold finishes. “The Nujum Collection is an extension of a previous one inspired by stars. Stars represent different things to different people, adjectives like ‘romance’ or ‘dream’ come to mind. Having them designed using enamel makes them more fun to wear,” she explains.

The new collection includes rings, pendants, earrings, and cuffs that can be worn alone or stacked together to elevate your look. Kanso’s tip? “The more the better! Mix them with old and vintage pieces.” Though she admits that she can’t choose just one favorite piece, she practically dons the signet rings with diamonds every day.

In the video above, Nadine Kanso talks us through the making of the Bil Arabi Nujum collection.

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