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Beyoncé Has Given Her Fans a Month-Long Dress Code in Honor of Her Birthday

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Beyoncé’s birthday is coming up, but do not under any circumstances think that as she turns 42 that she’s entering her golden years.

Please. They’re her silver years.

In an Instagram story posted Wednesday morning, Queen Bey had a dress code request for fans heading to her Renaissance Tour: Wear silver.

Ahead of her Sept. 4 birthday, Beyoncé shared her vision of how fans could make her birthday wish come true.

“Virgo season is upon us,” her post began. “This tour has been such a joy and as we approach the last month, my birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most fabulous silver fashions to the shows 8.23-9.22!”

It’s a whole vision. “We’ll surround ourselves in a shimmering human disco ball each night,” she continued. “Everybody mirroring each other’s joy. Virgo season together in the house of chrome.”

Helpfully, she included an image of a disco-mirrored cowboy hat emblazoned with the Virgo symbol, should concertgoers be in need of some guidance. Bey has worn a number of silver and mirrored ensembles in her shows so far, and the idea of a multitude of teeny-tiny Beyoncés, reflected back a million-zillion times over in all those little disco tiles is both overwhelming and delightful, all at the same time. As it turns out, the real Beyoncé was the tiny Beyoncés we wore all over our bodies along the way, you know?

Forget hoarding pony beads to prep friendship bracelets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour—it’s time to get on the self-adhesive disco ball tiles train. Choo choo! All aboard, by order of her royal Renaissanceness, Beyoncé!

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