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9 Pairs of Standout Sunglasses That You Can’t Miss This Season

The fashion industry is constantly on the prowl for the next big thing, so it’s no surprise that attention shifts towards sunglasses when the sunshine peaks. With new trends being introduced every day, how will designers keep coming up with unique styles? Turns out, it doesn’t take much — just some creativity and maybe a little inspiration from the past.

Ray-Ban’s classic aviator style is timeless and shows up regularly on the runways, season-after-season, and designers recently offered updates of the eyewear staple in bold colors and maxi shapes. For others, oversized sunglasses have taken over from the once ubiquitous micro lens, with huge circular creations taking inspiration from the 1960s.

Red, both in clothing and eyewear, has made its way into the current zeitgeist. In fact, as it turns out, red is your fast-track to adding a futuristic pop to urban tailoring. And while many designers gravitated toward changing the color of the lens, others embraced classic black. Frames are the easiest to experiment with and white rectangular specs and retro cat-eye shapes have certainly found a lasting fan-base in the fashion community. And finally, eclectic types will love new surrealist designs by the likes of Schiaparelli and Gucci – go bold or go home!

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