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7 Head-Turning New Year’s Eve Outfits To Take Inspiration From on December 31

Vogue Arabia, December 2021. Photo: Mazen Abusrour

The end of the year has a way of sneaking up on you—and that usually means scrambling for New Year’s Eve outfit ideas at the very last minute (and finding out that nearly everything festive and on trend for winter at the nearest store is pretty much sold out, with only a few loose sequins left behind). But no more! This time around we’re getting a head start on our NYE looks with these tried-and-true outfit formulas, all of which are guaranteed to make you the best dressed guest at your party.

Whether you’re planning to light up the dance floor looking like a human disco ball, or you’re planning on staying in with a few friends and good food, there’s a winter outfit here just waiting to turn heads.

Ready to go full glam? These are the best New Year’s outfits to wear anywhere this year.

Gold dress + black boots

Photo: Getty

Care to go classic this New Year’s Eve? Gold and black are your best bet. Like in the refined look above, a gold dress and a matching headband (black-tie messy bun optional) make a festive pair. Top it off with some slouchy black boots and a coordinating bag (with gold hardware, of course), then go dazzle the crowd.

Stylish pajamas + heels

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Whether you’re staying in with friends or enjoying a low-key night at your favorite restaurant, there’s nothing quite as nonchalantly elegant as tossing on your fanciest pajama set and a pair of satin heels. You’ll look great and be ready for bed as soon as your social battery runs out—just about the perfect New Year’s Eve setup.

Statement coat + ballet flats

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Make Blair Waldorf proud in a lavender coat paired with the preppiest, most balletcore of accessories: ballet flats, knee-high socks, and a sequined shoulder bag. You’ll stand out while staying toasty all night long. And whatever’s under that coat is entirely up to you; we vote sparkly minidress, but there’s no wrong answer.

Relaxed sweater + sequined skirt

Photo: Getty

When you can’t be bothered to go all-out but you still want to look put together, reach for a simple sweater and a sequined skirt. No matter where you end up, you’ll be dressed for the occasion—even if it takes all your energy to stay awake for the midnight countdown.

Red coat + silver pants

Photo: Getty

Wind down 2023 in style by feting two of its best trends: rich red and shiny silver. Any mix of the two—especially this super-saturated coat and these vegan leather trousers—will add a little downtown edge to your New Year’s outfit. Stick to the theme with metallic flats and a fiery bag.

Sequined number + matching bag

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Sequins were practically invented for New Year’s Eve outfits. Even if you never wear them otherwise, it’s the one night a year when you’re almost expected to sparkle. In the spirit of “more is more,” throw on a dress covered in paillettes and pick up a matching bag to dial things up to 11. You’ll be the center of attention — and we can guarantee you’ll get plenty of great pictures.

Topcoat + balaclava

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If your plans involve spending any amount of time outdoors, you’ll need to bundle up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your ’fit—you’ll just need to take a few cues from the stealth-wealth trend. This luxe look mixes shades of cream and tan to great effect, so feel free to invest in a timeless winter coat like a wool trench, a trendy balaclava, and maybe even a pair of Margiela Tabi boots (IYKYK) to give quiet luxury while you block out the cold.

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