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4 Hidden Gems in East London for Sustainable, Vintage Shopping

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The city of London is home to beautiful art, rich history, and stunning landmarks. However, if sustainable shopping is one of your favorite pastimes, you’ll be delighted to learn that London is also rife with must-visit vintage stores, making it a haven for major vintage enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a native or a tourist, there’s an abundance of opportunities to shop vintage in the capital of England. One of my favorite spots is the famous Brick Lane Market. Located in East London, this iconic market is the city’s biggest vintage clothing spot, and remains a popular attraction for a reason. On any given day, the market is bustling with shoppers, while the mouthwatering smell of eclectic foods lures you to keep exploring.


So, if you’re looking to spend a few pounds mindfully, keep scrolling to learn more about which vintage stops you need to add to your agenda the next time you’re in London.

Vintage Market


After grabbing a bite to eat, I encourage you to make your way to the Vintage Market, where vintage experts from around the United Kingdom showcase their clothes. Here, you’ll discover a wide range of treasures, from vintage denim and unique accessories, to glamorous fur coats and colorful decor that span across decades (think 1920s, 1990s, and everything in between). When you shop here, you can expect to walk away with something that’s one-of-a-kind.

Old Spitalfield Market


Looking for something to do on an ordinary Thursday? Made up of a community of traders, the Old Spitalfields Market is another can’t-miss spot, especially for its Thursday Antiques Market.

Whether you’re on the hunt for some Victorian screens, a 1930s steam trunk, or a vintage chaise lounge, you’ll likely find it here. And if you want more information on these antique pieces, the traders are happy to tell you everything you’d like to know. It’s a prime opportunity to build your knowledge and collection of antiques.

Hunky Dory Vintage


Hunky Dory Vintage is another Brick Lane Market gem for sustainable shoppers. They carry a wide range of vintage clothing pieces, including band tees, cool jackets, and statement-worthy accessories that allow you to showcase your distinct sense of style. Bonus: the items are in excellent condition and are just waiting for you to give them new life!

Levisons Vintage Clothing


Before you wrap up your shopping spree, don’t forget to stop by Levisions Vintage Clothing, also tucked away in the streets of East London. This hotspot handpicks rare vintage pieces and specializes in workwear, military clothing, and knitwear, making it a great location to diversify your wardrobe. They add new items to their stock on a weekly basis, providing plenty of opportunities for shoppers to find an absolute treasure.

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