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Beaded Jewelry: The Ultimate Guide To Styling This Summery Staple

There are few things that can conjure nostalgia as quickly as the sight of beaded jewelry. If you have ever spent your summers stringing together multi-hued beads on a craft string, rejoice in knowing that this childhood relic has now been given an adult-friendly makeover.

So, what does beaded jewelry look like now? Well, just about anything you want it to. A stack of colorful beaded bracelets has made the cut for poolside getaways, while darker stones—think labradorite to spinels and garnet—are ready to give this trend a noir upgrade. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa are well-known champions of beaded fashion, and so are designers—Egyptian jewelry designer Jude Benhalim credits her career to a school project that required her to design beaded jewelry with her own hands. 


Whether you like to DIY yours as well or just stack together every possible color you can lay your hands on, consider this style guide the quickest route to summer camp chic. Spoiler alert: you will never run out of beaded jewelry ideas again!

Are beaded necklaces in style?

So, why are we seeing beaded necklaces everywhere now and why is beaded jewelry still popular? The answer can be traced to the larger spirit of nostalgia that has borne down on the fashion landscape. After all, the 20 year rule of fashion states that what is popular now will be trending again after 20 years. Unsurprisingly, the advent of Y2K fashion inspired us to reach for our childhood staples again. And thus, beaded jewelry was born again and worn with fresh sartorial fervor.

Beaded jewelry trends 2024: All the ways to style your favorite pieces

Beaded jewelry designs might seem like they have been around forever, but the good news is that they have received a fresh upgrade as per the trend turnovers of the realm of fashion. Here are all the styles and pieces you will want to bookmark. From beaded bracelets with meaning to beaded jewelry with gold, there is something for everyone:

Beaded necklace

  • If you are just beginning your beaded jewelry collection, you will want to start with a beaded necklace in the form of a choker.
  • This can be easily layered over other gold necklaces for a beach-ready look. 
  • If you are looking to further express your individuality, you can opt for a beaded necklace with a pendant that is synonymous with your personal style. 

Starburst collar necklace in beads and enamel, Roxanne Assoulin

Beaded bracelet designs

  • Likely the first piece of jewelry of your childhood collection, beaded bracelets continue to remain a crucial cornerstone in the lexicon of the modern style savant.
  • Looking to level up a simple white tee? Stack together your favorite beaded bracelets in luscious candy hues. More is truly merrier!
  • Beyond the mood-enhancing hues, you will also find that beaded bracelet designs have a wide wealth of options to offer.
  • If you are looking for a piece that resonates with you, consider opting for a beaded bracelet with words or customise a clay bead bracelet to spell out your name.

Toggle clasp beaded bracelet in 14kt yellow gold, Luis Morais

Beaded earrings

  • Once you have found the beaded necklace and beaded bracelet of your dreams, it is time to invite this trend into other areas of your accessory box. 
  • If you are looking to take this trend to the boardroom, a pair of pearl bead earrings will help you stay in touch with your inner child. 
  • Or take this trend one step further by opting for an asymmetrical pair to add some dimension to your visage. 

Bead hoop earring, Isabel Marant

Beaded ring

  • Last but not the least, round out your beaded jewelry collection by sliding some nostalgic hues on your fingers. 
  • Keep it playful with rainbow-hued seed beads or draw all eyes to your manicure with a monochromatic design. 
  • For those looking to express their creativity, it helps to mix and match by stacking together multiple beaded rings to create a look that is truly unique to you.

Set of six beaded rings, Roxanne Assoulin

How to design beaded jewelry

If you are looking to DIY your own, the good news is that you won’t require anything more than a few basics and the permission to let your imagination run wild and free. Here’s how you can design your own beaded jewelry:

You will require:

  • Colorful beads 
  • Elastic string
  • Lobster clasp (optional)
  • Needle

The process:

  • Start by measuring the elastic string as per your usual bracelet, necklace or ring size as per what you plan to design. 
  • Affix a needle securely on one end of the elastic string and tie a knot at the other end to keep your threaded beads from slipping off.
  • Now is the time to have fun: create your own color combinations, add some charms or alphabet motifs. 
  • When you are done, tie the two ends together securely for an easy-to-slide bracelet or attach a lobster clasp for a necklace. 
  • Voilà, your very own beaded jewelry design is ready!

How to clean beaded jewelry

While beaded jewelry may not be as fickle as certain metals, it can be subject to wear and tear over the course of time. It helps to schedule a regular maintenance session to secure any loose beads and polish its shine. Here’s how:

  • Leave the abrasive cleaning agents behind as most acrylic beads require gentle care. 
  • Instead, gently rub the surface of the beads with a soft cloth dipped in a mild cleaning solution. 
  • Once clean, wipe off any remnants of the cleaning agent with a dry cloth and allow the jewelry to air-dry naturally.
  • Avoid abrasive sponges as they can cause scratches on the surface of the beads. 
  • For optimal results, it helps to clean your beaded jewelry pieces once every 4-6 months. 

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