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How Bazza Alzouman Captured Kuwait’s Traditional Clothing with a Twist (Literally)

While some race ahead with elbows out to get the Spring 2018 collections behind their closet doors, other savvy customers are still content in the ‘now’. Kuwaiti designer Bazza Alzouman talks through the current offering; a strong line-up of dramatic yet feminine eveningwear that’ll prove to see you through the late winter wedding season and beyond.

“My designs are usually done in neutral colors and modern silhouettes but there is always a flair of opulence or an intricate detail, which I attribute to my cultural heritage,” Alzouman tells Vogue Arabia. “Kuwait’s traditional clothing involved a lot of gold thread, which I use a lot in my work. I also always err on the side of modesty in my designs.” After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York in 2012, Alzouman has explored free-flowing fabrics and garment architecture featuring movement. “There are a few couture techniques that I have used in the construction of the garments. There is a lot of work going on beneath the dresses in this collection. I also relied heavily on draping in the design process; more so than I have done in the past,” she says.

Bazza Alzouman Fall 2017. Courtesy of Bazza Alzouman

Bazza Alzouman Fall 2017. Courtesy of Bazza Alzouman

For the Fall 2017 collection, the Kuwaiti designer used a mix of fabrics, including gazars and jacquards, with riffs of draping that added a playful, sensual edge to garments. From gowns worthy of the red carpet to ballerina-style pieces with ruffle details, there’s a sequence of fashion theatrics at play here.I wanted to explore structure and fluidity as portrayed by classical marble carvings of Greek goddesses,” the designer says.

Visit the Bazza Alzouman Instagram account to see the current collection and for appointments.

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