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Bambah Boutique’s Ramadan Collection Celebrates Old Traditions with a Modern Flair

While the Holy Month heralds a time of celebrating age-old traditions, the fashion is anything but ancient

Maha Abdul Rasheed with her grandmother Seham, mother, Azza, sister-in-law Dina, and niece Haya.

Maha Abdul Rasheed’s family – her grandmother Seham, mother, Azza, sister-in-law Dina, and niece Haya, to name a few – are preparing for Ramadan.

“We’ll all get together to celebrate iftar at our house and gather around our dining table for a homemade meal,” smiles the owner of Bambah Boutique in Dubai, noting that lately, she is finding more time to experiment in the kitchen. But first, they will gather for the athan and pray Maghrib together. “Haya has a mini prayer mat,” she smiles. “It’s a special time and I cherish every minute of it.”

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Along with preparing the body and soul, she’ll dress for the occasion, taking a break from her usual jeans and T-shirt routine. “I love wearing all these beautiful summer kaftans. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and elegant, and take you from day to night with minimal effort.” Abdul Rasheed will transition to evening by exchanging her flat strappy sandals or loafers for oversized earrings and a pointed pump. Her sister-in-law might wear a printed kaftan with a pair of funky sneakers to bring out her edgy character, while her mother will don court pumps.

Originally published in the May 2019 issue of Vogue Arabia

Courtesy of Bambah Boutique

It’s a versatility that she aims to convey with her own Ramadan collection. “I hope to show the world how elegant modest fashion can be and that it’s not just about wearing the traditional black abaya. Women love to dress up in the Middle East during Ramadan and are very creative and colorful with their Ramadan wardrobes – it has incited a whole new season of trends.”

The appeal of the clothes that combine form, function, and fashion are reaching women irrespective of age, faith, and culture. Abdul Rasheed’s Ramadan collection adapts her brand Bambah’s main line design aesthetic – known for being flirty and feminine – with a modest twist. “This year’s fads include embellishments and pretty details on soft and textured fabrics; midi-length skirts for women to show off their shoes; gold and metallic galore; and bell sleeves for a loose and comfy fit in the heat,” she describes. The light color palette features gold and silver accents and soft linens – a major trend this year and one that Arab women in the Middle East enjoy wearing. And why not all year round.

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