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This is What Happened When Balqees Fathi Met Her Mentee

Piaget’s Extraordinary Encounters campaign explores the meaning of mentorship, as Balqees Fathi, Clémence Poésy, Wendy Yu, Katharine Pooley, Noella Coursaris Musunka, Momoko Ando, and Yeol Eum Son discuss women empowering women. Showcasing a global cast that embodies femininity and strength, the film sees mentor and mentee speak on their connection and mutual support.

Balqees Fathi. Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

An extraordinary encounter can occur at any time. For Piaget’s global cast of extraordinary women, meeting with like-minded, inspiring individuals is integral to the fabric of their day-to-day lives. From these meetings, a meaningful mentorship grows. In intimate films, Piaget’s latest campaign sees mentor and mentee in conversation, unpacking what being an extraordinary woman truly means.

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For Emirati-Yemeni singer Balqees Fathi, bringing her mentee, Hend Mohammed Farea, into the fold of the Piaget family has been critical to her own growth. Fathi, who headlined Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female-only concert in 2017, wears Piaget’s Sunlight rose gold set and the Limelight gala watch as she speaks on a specific mentoring skill – teaching Farea to write down her goals and consider them carefully. Sometimes it is the small moments that make the most extraordinary encounters.

Balqees Fathi. Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

Another mentor, actor Clémence Poésy, muses, “I don’t believe in ordinary. I think every woman is extraordinary.” Known for her intimate exploration of female characters, the actor contemplates an encounter with her childhood friend Ava Verden, during which she saw her in a new light. Poésy wears a crisp button-down and loafers, accented with playful diamond earrings and matching Piaget pendant as she recalls watching her friend on stage. “All of a sudden, I discovered a whole new part of you,” she tells the performer.

Clémence Poésy. Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

Uncovering a new side of a woman one knows intimately is shared by the Ando sisters, who wear Piaget’s Limelight Gala watches in elegant mother-of-pearl and 18ct white gold. Having featured in director Momoko Ando’s 2015 film 0.5 mm, Sakura Ando understands the symbiotic ebb and flow of sisterhood. “It’s like breathing,” she offers. Model and activist Noella Coursaris Musunka’s connection to her mentee, Marceline Ngoy Kilolo, also borders the familial. “I am your mama, your sister, your mentor,” she laughs, speaking remotely to the student of Malaika School in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, founded by Musunka in 2007.

Momoko Ando and Sakura Ando. Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

Empowerment shines through mutual encouragement both in personal life and professional fields. British interior designer of the decade Katharine Pooley and her former intern turned right-hand woman April Hudson embody this, comparing samples while chatting about their supportive relationship.

Katharine Pooley. Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

Similarly, Susan Fang tells of her first encounter with Wendy Yu, learning that the entrepreneur and philanthropist had bought a bag from her first collection. Smiling bashfully at her mentor, the young designer tells of Yu’s willingness to help creatives in China and beyond. Yu, in turn, speaks of her pride in awarding Fang the Yu Prize, her smile as radiant as the Sunlight pendant and fluid earrings she wears. This global cast of women shares their experiences and their loves because, as South Korean-born classical pianist Yeol Eum Son says, “An extraordinary woman shares her passions with others.” Inspired by the piano playing of her mentee, Juhee Lim, she is moved by sharing music. As Son is enraptured in her own playing, the white gold Limelight Gala Piaget watch keeps time on her delicate wrist.

Yeol Eum Son. Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

We all have people who shape our lives, who inspire us, and drive us to do more. For Piaget’s extraordinary women, encouraging and responding to the women close to them is intrinsic – it’s what makes them exceptional mentors.

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