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This Balenciaga Creation is Making a Comeback as an ‘It Girl’ Staple

Strutting the streets of New York City is the Egyptian neo-soul artist Felukah, turning heads as she wears the adored Le City bag which has been reintroduced by Balenciaga on April 11, 2024.

Oversized shirt dress, boots, Le City bag, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

This particular icon, which made its debut in 2001, has made a lasting impression on the fashion world by being associated with a special fusion of elegance and elevated grunginess. Today, this beloved design is back, remodeled, and ready to become the new ‘It-girl’ wardrobe staple. Just ask Felukah — an It girl in her own right. Born and raised in Cairo, the creative moved to New York back in 2017 to study creative writing. But that’s not the only passion she’s honed. Today, Felukah is a budding musician with a loyal following in the genres of hip-hop and neo-soul, and in her free time, you’ll also find her writing poetry and dance. 

Just like Felukah, Balenciaga’s Le City straddles many aesthetics, moods and looks. The revised version of the staple is a charming reference to its legendary predecessor, fusing contemporary innovation with a hint of timeless Y2K charm. A variety of Le City designs have been pulled from the archive and dissected to produce a piece that retains the spirit of the original while mirroring the current Balenciaga vision of reimagining the traditional notions of luxury. With meticulous craftsmanship still being one of the brand’s core values, the 25-panel design guarantees harmony between its interiors and exterior casing. Multiple pockets, reinforced corners with dainty metal buckles, thimble-shaped studs, and leather-strung zipper pulls define the bag’s urban character, bringing in an assertive attitude.

Le City bag, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

The 2024 Le City, with a few adjustments that enhance its modernity, still very much eludes to its birth year. Demna’s Balenciaga is one defined by juxtaposition — edgy yet elegant, casual yet exclusive, echoing towards a beautiful merger of opposing elements that create a groundbreaking design, adorning the Le City wearer in this essence. 

Balenciaga’s sense of contemporary style, of course, is also evident in the color palette of the new bag. A variety of hues, including black, yellow, green, pale purple, steel gray, silver, white, blue, and beige were chosen to introduce the latest redition of Le City. As seen on the stunning Felukah, the different hues ensure that personality is brought to any outfit, no matter how understated or bold.

Hoodie, shorts, boots, Le City Bag, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

The revived edition of Le City is a celebration of an era and a design philosophy that has been able to stand the test of time, all the way from Nicolas Ghesquière to Demna. We are reminded of the timeless appeal of fashion’s iconic pieces — adapting, but never losing their quintessence.

Long sleeve gown, boots, leather heel bag, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

Leather oversized jacket, turtleneck, moto pants, slipper shoes, Le City bag, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

Oversized puffer coatdress, turtleneck, boots, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

Turtleneck, skirt, boots, Le City bag, earrings, coffee cup, Balenciaga. Photo: Silja Magg

Style: Tracy Taylor
Hair and makeup: Tinna Empera
Producer: Rama Naser
Local producer: McLean Haws
Model: Felukah
Style assistant: William Noguchi
Photography assistant: Benny Lee
Location: Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger 

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