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10 Colorful Pieces from Azzi & Osta’s Latest Collection for Al Fresco Soirées This Season

Lebanese designer duo George Azzi and Assaad Osta explore the essence of unapologetic femininity through their Number 7 ready-to-wear collection. Traversing into the soft memories from the gushing ways of a serene beach, into the palette of its corals, this collection is Azzi & Osta’s take on what a woman wants post-pandemic.

The Number 7 collection is more than a creative review on modern-day sensual appeal — it breaks into a cascade of shades and colors that illustrate the long-awaited return to rooftop soirées with friends. A composition of taffeta and crepe true to the Beirut-based brand’s identity has also been experimented with through lace, and various prints. “Fashion is but an expression of self. It is about imagination, a fleeting sense of creativity in our everyday routine,” says Osta.

With pieces that touch base on the art of seduction, Azzi and Osta play with statements like short dresses, structured lines, and sharp buttons, and luxurious fabrics, to make creations of balm and dare. A shimmering beach mirage is also reflected in the color palette with shades of precious metals and knitwear in neutrals. “In this collection, we experiment with feelings of nostalgia around moments of happiness which we want to hold on to forever,” says Azzi.

A highlight of the collection is the depth demonstrated in its range of tailored suits, short dresses, evening gowns, asymmetrical cuts, exaggerated ruche bust dresses juxtaposed with soft draping fabrics. Refined is the word to describe the cropped blazer, tailored mini-jupe, and shorts, which balance the playful mini-dresses and a-symmetrical shoulder tops. Whether printed in tropical leaves or cut out from the waist, the collection also includes long dresses that pop in color and narrate a story from the color wheel.

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