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Ask Livia Firth: Your Questions on All Things Ethical and Sustainable Fashion, Answered

Livia Firth, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Livia Firth in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo: Reza Shahriar Rahman

The conversation on sustainable fashion has been receiving much-deserved attention from all parts of the world. As the general public, as well as some fashion industry professionals, look to educate themselves on what is ethical and how they can minimize their impact on the world when it comes to creating and buying clothing, the questions on sustainable fashion have been increasing tenfold, and rightly so.

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While it is important we ask questions to discover ways of practicing sustainability to the best of our abilities, it is equally important for those questions to be answered by experts. In doing our part to make a dent in these queries, Vogue Arabia Sustainability Editor-at-Large, and Founder of Eco-Age, Livia Firth, will be answering some of the questions sent in by you, our readers, in Vogue Arabia’s April 2020 issue. Through her column – dedicated to all things ethical and eco-friendly in fashion – the environmental activist will not only make the term “sustainability” seem less daunting but also share her insights and tips to help us best incorporate ethical and sustainable fashion in our lives.

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“The month of April will be dedicated to all of you readers, and I will answer as many questions as possible about sustainable fashion and sustainable living,” says Firth. “Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions and put me to the test!”

To have your questions answered by Vogue Arabia’s Sustainability Editor-at-Large, and Founder of Eco-Age, Livia Firth, in Vogue Arabia’s April 2020 issue, write to us at

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