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Saudi Actor Aseel Omran on Becoming Dior’s First Arab Ambassador: “There Are No Limits to Anyone’s Potential”

Aseel for Dior

Photo: Abdullah Elmaz

First came the invitation to Saudi artist Manal Al Dowayan to contribute to the design of a Lady Dior bag, now, Dior announces Saudi actor Aseel Omran as its first ambassador in the Middle East. Omran joins international superstars who are Dior brand ambassadors, such as Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, and Monica Bellucci. “This has proven to me that working hard to achieve my big dreams is always possible,” Omran says. “To me, Dior is the image of a dreamy, classy, and simple woman. Yet, a strong and sophisticated one at the same time.”

Throughout her childhood, Omran loved to play dress-up whenever she was near her mother’s closet. “I remember looking at a portrait of my parents, where my mom was wearing a beautiful red silk shirt that I admired,” she shares. One day, she found a Dior shirt in her closet, and it felt like love at first sight. She asked her mother if she could have it when she grew up and years later, Omran still has that shirt today. As a young girl, Omran was also influenced by her older sister, TV presenter Lojain Omran.

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Her love for creativity prompted Omran to embark on an artistic journey. In 2006, she participated in a TV singing competition and reached the finals. Omran then began a career with Rotana Group, the largest entertainment company in the Arab world, where she stayed for 15 years. In 2016, she sang on “Don’t You Need Somebody” with Enrique Iglesias and Shaggy, but always stayed focused on her acting career. She’s been a part of productions also starring Hayat Al Fahad and Hussein Al Mansour, including Exit 7 (2020), Black Crows (2017), and Hiya Wa Huwa (2010) and is currently filming her first Saudi movie.

Photo: Abdullah Elmaz

The Dior announcement aligns with Omran’s goals and vision. Working with womenswear and fine jewelry, she believes that her and Dior share the same values of simplicity, authenticity, and elegance, which are core to the maison. Dior has released its new Ramadan collection in alignment with the announcement of Omran joining as its first ambassador in the region. The collection, which is exclusively designed for Ramadan, represents a contemporary identity to the traditional Ramadan pieces that women are accustomed to wearing during the Holy Month. Dior, however, introduces an elegant twist to these traditional outfits, with Omran explaining how the metallic threads combined with the shiny fabrics add an edgy look and feel. The collection embodies classic Ramadan looks, yet with a sophisticated and elegant touch, which showcase and align with the aesthetic of the current modern-day woman. “The Lady D-Lite bag with the embroidered crystals is versatile, and can also match any look,” she offers. “I would also suggest pairing the Lady D-Lite bag with the crystal D-Way sandals, where you can go from day to night with only one simple touch.” As the Saudi creative observes the pieces, she expresses her thoughts on achieving dreams and going after goals. “There are no limits to anyone’s potential. You can always dream big and push further.”

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Originally published in the April 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia

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