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The Ultimate Après-Ski Wardrobe to Cozy Up in

Chanel FW21. Photo: Courtesy

Statement shearling coats, all-over knits, hoods, caps, and stomper boots – designers are envisioning a world where both protection and comfort are key. From cloud coats (aka the glam puffer jacket), to alpine sweaters (follow Chanel’s lead and make them nightclub-friendly), to knitted moon boots, oversized wraparound goggles and military baker boy caps, Fall’s latest fashion pieces bridge the gap between mountain dressing and a return to city life.

Fendi FW21. Photo: Courtesy

For designer Mariam Al Sibai, generously proportioned outerwear is her longtime signature, underpinned by sumptuous blanket coats that frequent the wardrobes of Gigi Hadid and Priyanka Chopra. Currently based in NYC, the British-Syrian designer has honed her aesthetic for Fall, with a collection of modish cover-ups: a timeless brown leather trench, a mustard yellow houndstooth coat and a white long-length quilted jacket. “Outerwear to me is a true joy to design,” she says. “A good quality statement coat can really elevate an outfit – it’s timeless.”

Miriam Al Sibai. Photo: Courtesy

Growing up, Al Sibai would watch her “Mama” dress up and put outfits together, which sparked her interest in fashion from an early age. “I’m extremely fascinated by textiles,” she says, “and seeing how garments can truly help a woman look and feel her best.” She refers to her Syrian roots as “sacred,” despite her international upbringing. “When I think about my summers in Syria it brings tears to my eyes,” she admits. “In terms of [creative] influence, I feel that comes from the subconscious…reflected in the choices I make for design, my affiliation with vibrant color, signature silhouettes and so on – these pieces essentially reflect parts of my Syrian heritage and identity.”

Christian Dior FW21. Photo: Courtesy

Whether you’re looking for items to add to your existing winter wardrobe or eager to buy into fall’s omnipresent mood, consider the following key buys…

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