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Flats or Stilettos? Anum Bashir and Diala Makki Debate Which Heel Height Reigns Supreme

The breeze and ease of a chic pair of flats or ready-to-conquer stilettos? Style influencer Anum Bashir and TV personality Diala Makki debate which heel height rules supreme

Anum Bashir

Fringed Raffia Heels, Zyne; Fringed Slides, Avec Moderation at the Modis Photography by Graham Tooby

For creative influencer Anum Bashir, flats are at the heart of her style, which is all about relaxed chic, comfort, and experimental attitude. Here, she tells us why flat shoes reign supreme.

“I typically have long days and as a result need to be mobile and steadfast in tackling my schedule. I’ll rarely compromise on comfort. Who wants to lug around a whole other pair of shoes throughout the day? The only time I’m OK with relinquishing comfort for style is for evening occasions and parties. Every now and then, I’ll whip out show-stopping strappy stilettos, but day to day, I’m in flats, short-heeled mules, or kitten heels

I love shoes and have luckily amassed quite the collection, which means I’m never short of options. At the moment I’m very loyal to my crochet loafers from Gabriela Hearst. They are chic and timeless, with a fun twist. I own them in three colors, so you know I’m committed. As I am quite relaxed – sartorially speaking, usually in a blazer and jeans – these loafers pair very well with my overall look.

Slip-on Loafers, Hermes; Gold Heels, Bottega Veneta Photographer by Graham Tooby

I think most people would agree that comfort is very important in the workplace, even if you happen to work in fashion. If you’re in pain, tired, suffering from backaches, and can’t walk, chances are, conquering your day will prove to be a challenge.

I’ve often described fashion as an all-you-can-eat buffet. You have to try everything at least once. Nothing can or should be written off. Ultimately, however, what I love about flats is comfort. I think that with comfort comes confidence. I find anything in the range of a non-existent or kitten heel to be extremely chic and complementary to the type of clothes I wear. In flats, I feel powerful, feminine, and strong.”

Diala Makki

Photography by Graham Tooby

Whether interviewing designers and celebrities for Dubai TV, or raising awareness about violence against women, Diala Makki is always on the move. She shares why she chooses to do all this and more in heels

“Comfort? For a fashion-obsessed woman? Only when I travel, or when I have a long day of running between shows and ateliers. I can’t understand kitten heels, for example, or any heel measuring less than six centimeters. I am an extremist, I must admit.

Originally published in the May 2019 issue of Vogue Arabia

Our work is now operational 24/7 and is no longer defined by antiquated 9-5 office hours, regardless of the profession. There is something about an outfit, whether it’s a suit or a pair of high heels, that psychologically helps women, in general, seize the day and me, in particular, as I have to be present at a lot of events. I find myself wearing heels to empower myself when I need that extra kick for a meeting and heels of 12cm help me do that. Although, a beautiful mind beats a great outfit any day. You can wear anything and look effortlessly chic if you have the confidence to pull it off.

Pom-Pom Sandals, Avec Moderation at the Modist; Feather Pumps, Giambattista Valli Photography by Graham Tooby

Shoes are not accessories for me, they are pieces of art. I have gone into the archives of most of the old maisons and studied the evolution of footwear. I had the opportunity to spend days in the studios with masters like Christian Louboutin and I also held vintage pieces created by houses like Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior, and Chanel. What I love most about heels is standing tall. If I had to pick only one pair to wear from now on – I hope that never happens! – I would choose my red velvet Louboutin pumps signed by Louboutin himself. There is something about those shoes… Good things happen when I wear them.”

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