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Anne Hathaway and BLACKPINK’s Lisa Will Inspire You To Celebrate Yourself With Bulgari’s Diva Jewelry Collection

Photo: Courtesy Bulgari

Aiming to take its wearer on a journey through the enchanting beauty of femininity, the iconic Diva’s dream collection by Italian luxury fashion house Bulgari is one that’s bound to have you falling in love. Spotlighting the fan-shaped design that is unique to Rome’s history and culture, the collection started off with an idea to embrace the power and beauty of the divas of Hollywood, including Naomi Scott and Zendaya who starred in the collection’s initial campaigns. Now, the elegant pieces are seen donned by powerhouses Anne Hathaway and Lisa, both of them wearing the timeless jewelry pieces with pride.

bulgari diva jewelry 3

Photo: Courtesy Bulgari

As a tribute to the Roman maison’s iconic history, Bulgari narrates the story of its exquisite aesthetic with a new, three-fan-shaped necklace that comes doused in sparkling diamonds, along with gorgeous pieces that bring in unexpected pops of color—quite like the surprise elements that make each women a one-of-a-kind beauty. While Anne Hathaway glows in a Bulgari neckpiece that sees its iconic fan-shaped pendant slowly blossoms from white diamonds to pink stones, Lisa’s spunky energy is perfectly complemented with a double necklace—one with a diamond-studded pendant, and the other featuring shades of emerald green. With its Diva jewelry collection—which also extends to rings, earrings, and watches featuring the same motif—Bulgari is breaking the boundaries between fine jewelry and daily wear staples that can elevate any look in your closet. With each creation, Bulgari reminds us to stay on the endearing path of joy and beauty, regardless of any obstacles that may come up along the way.

bulgari diva jewelry lisa

Photo: Courtesy Bulgari

In rhythm with the highs and lows of life, the textures and vibrance of the jewels used in Bulgari’s stunning line vary from traditionally feminine hues to classic mother-of-pearl and statement hues. Below, take a closer look at the Diva collection.

bulgari diva jewelry 1

Photo: Courtesy Bulgari

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