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Annah Bach Jewels Unveils Two Dazzling Collections of Fine Jewelry

Photo: Amer Mohamad

Annah Bach is a force to be reckoned with. An entrepreneur, award-winning film producer, avid fashion collector, and patron of the fine arts, the powerhouse has now ventured into the world of jewelry. Merging exceptional design with the finest of jewels has allowed Bach to present a fine jewelry collection that is distinct in its creativity and opulence. Each piece is meant to be an heirloom that the modern woman can pass down through the generations.

Photo: Amer Mohamad

The hand-crafted ranges within Bach’s jewelry line focus on bold femininity, limitless innovation, and uncompromising craftsmanship. The Iconic collection references the notion of iconic women from the past to the present through a philanthropic lens, while ‘Couture’ pays homage to the highest echelon of craftsmanship by incorporating diamonds and precious gemstones.

“Expressing my creative freedom is synonymous with endlessly re-creating myself. From the duality of nature to the complexity of modernity, the Annah Bach woman is a force of nature! Every new layer resonates with the sum of the whole, comprising me and my story,” says Bach.

Vogue Arabia sat down with the jewelry designer to discover more about Annah Bach Jewels.

Photo: Amer Mohamad

Who is the ultimate Annah Bach woman?

The ultimate Annah Bach woman is fearless, unapologetic and expresses her femininity dichotomies such as whimsical and intense, unapologetically feminine yet dashingly masculine, villain and hero alike. She is a force of nature, a phrase I have always been intrigued by as it indicates a certain provocateur and character that is indomitable. Primal, feral instincts and honoring nature’s order is my divinity, nothing else binds me or resonates so strongly. Another principle that guides the Annah Bach woman is modernity. From modeling, editorials, creative direction, production of short films, and curating an avid collection of fashion, jewelry, and high art, I’ve explored all creative mediums and outlets that speak to my desires, including design on a whim. As an avid fashion collector, I craft a narrative through my wardrobe, each detail adding another layer with the sum of the whole comprising me and my story. Fashion is a constant source of inspiration.

Photo: Amer Mohamad

Tell us more about the stones used in your collection. What makes them special?

The collection features a range of fancy-colored diamonds that inspired me due to their radiant dynamics. Like jewelry, fashion is dynamic and ever-changing, it is a vital part of how I express myself.

Photo: Amer Mohamad

What was the process of creating each piece in your collection? Did you start off with sketches? Or did you first source the stones and let them inspire your designs?

When diving into projects for the Annah Bach Brand it is about capturing timelessness. I approach each creative decision with this in mind – whether is producing a fashion film or designing fine jewelry, I create iconic pieces that leave an impression for years to come.

Which piece from your collection is your all-time favorite?

I love the 10-carat, pear-cut diamond ring that is encrusted with 143 pink and white small diamonds. The 10-carat, pink center stone symbolizes rarity, precious value, and uniqueness. It magically captures the hard yet delicate spirit that is inherent in Annah Bach brand.

Photo: Amer Mohamad

What inspired you to enter the world of fine jewelry? Was jewelry always a passion of yours?

Fashion has always been a passion of mine which is why I have been collecting fine arts and fashion for years now. To me, creating a fine jewelry line is yet another expression of the Annah Bach brand.

Photo: Amer Mohamad

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