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The Egyptian Eyewear Brand with a Wait List

In an increasingly fast-paced world of see-now-buy-now and quick-fire social media buzz, runway looks can render old after a mere 10 minutes of being public. As a result of the industry’s zippy desire to move on faster than you can say “Lagerfeld,” some brands get noticed for quite the opposite – slowing right down and focusing on the product. Case in point: Amr Saad, the Cairo-based boutique accessories designer who graduated from Le Arti Orafe in 2012. Since the brand launched in 2015, Saad has cultivated a loyal legion of fans – including Jessica Kahawaty, Elisa Sednaoui, Tara Emad, and Lana El Sahely, to name a few – who want optics that are innately unique.

Amr Saad Eyewear

Amr Saad. Courtesy of Amr Saad Eyewear

Saad individually and meticulously handcrafts each pair of sunglasses in designs that expose the beauty of the raw materials he works with. Working with gold and silver, the designer deftly integrates organic shapes and flares of details into every piece. “I craft each pair myself, it’s all done by hand with no screwless hinges. I use the jewellery techniques I learned during my studies in Italy, which is going back to the basics of sunglasses and how they were originally crafted a long time ago,” Saad tells Vogue Arabia.

Amr Saad Eyewear

Style 590, Amr Saad Eyewear. Courtesy of Amr Saad

Let alone developing a cult following for his designs, there’s a waiting list for the 509 pink lenses and style number 529. With his first stand-alone store opening in Cairo in Fall 2017, we speak to the man behind the masterpiece lenses every thoughtful style aficionado wants.

Amr Saad Eyewear. Courtesy of Amr Saad

Amr Saad Eyewear. Courtesy of Amr Saad

What is it about sunglasses in particular that inspired you to create a collection?

It’s not easy to find a pair that is done intimately, one that is unique and that really captures the soul of this day and age.

Amr Saad Eyewear

Style 529, Amr Saad Eyewear. Courtesy of Amr Saad

How do you fuse your heritage into the designs?

I fuse it with the presentation of them and of the collection. When I launched my first collection, we created a photoshoot concept that revolved around Egyptian heritage, specifically Nubian heritage, where we shot in the south of Egypt amid the Nubian culture.

When did you realize the brand was making an impact on the industry?

I honestly see this impact now, so now is the turning point for me. It’s when I see my sunglasses worn by different people, whether celebrities or not, and that they’re appreciated and recognized for their uniqueness.

Amr Saad Eyewear Fall 2017

Style 520, Amr Saad Eyewear. Courtesy of Amr Saad

Which design are you most proud of?

I can’t say I have one that I’m most proud of because I’m proud of all of my designs. I’m very happy with how my collections turned out and I feel like each pair really tells a different story and expresses a different identity and character.

Amr Saad sunglasses are available for purchase online and in-store in the Cairo flagship boutique from Fall 2017.

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