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Chasing Desert Suns with Jewelry Designer Amaya Jones

04Amaya Jones

Courtesy of Amaya Jones

Jewelry designer Amaya Jones explores the energetic benefits in gemstones through her eponymous label’s debut collection. With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a Master’s in Art Business, Jones worked at a number of galleries before starting out in the jewelry world.

A big part of her artistic influences stem from her creative household––her mother is a painter from Saudi Arabia and her father is a British actor. Speaking to Vogue Arabia about her parents, Jones shares: “My mother has always been my biggest inspiration and tastemaker. She is very free spirited, down to earth, and has a timeless elegance about her. My father is an actor, so his expression is more verbal than visual. But he is definitely a style icon; he doesn’t dress like anyone I know. His fingers are adorned with rings and his head is usually topped with a beret.”

03Amaya Jones

Courtesy of Amaya Jones

However, it was her grandmother who played a pivotal role when she had the idea to launch her made-in-Los Angeles brand. “Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with my grandmother’s rings and necklaces. They defined her in a way, and I wanted to create my own classic designs that my future grandchildren would be mesmerized by as well,” she reminisces.

02Amaya Jones

Courtesy of Amaya Jones

Inspired by the natural landscape of Tucson, Arizona––her home for eight years––Jones’ debut Sun Collection draws inspiration from the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. “There is peacefulness in the desert. Time stands still. I love its neutrality and depth,” she remarks. Her collection comes full circle with a sun motif that’s centered by colorful gemstones.

Her delicate and unfussy creations of gold rings, drop earrings, hand chains, and chokers incorporate tourmalines and sapphires. Not just for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its holistic healing properties in their atomic makeup. “I am drawn to stones that have energetic benefits. Tourmaline is a very unique stone. It radiates with heat, repels negative energy, and relieves stress. They are like little healing drops of nature to me and I love that they come in all colors of the rainbow, and completely change when sunlight hits them,” Jones says.

01Amaya Jones

Courtesy of Amaya Jones

She notes the Triple Sun Necklace as her favorite piece. The silhouette is tracked with three blazing adornments that are set with tourmaline and paved with diamonds. As for styling her objects of desire, layering is key. “I like mixing the choker with the sun necklace to add dimension and texture to my outfit,” she says. She takes her ring game to the next level through stacking. “Lately I’ve been wearing all my rings together, like my dad does,” Jones adds with a laugh. “I always add a pinky ring to stand out,”

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