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Furne One on Amato Couture’s Inaugural Dubai Fashion Week FW23 Show

Furne One. Photo: Jeremy Zaessinger

The much-awaited Dubai Fashion Week FW23 is finally here and Amato Couture is ready to celebrate its avant-garde spirit and renowned artistry at a show titled ‘Untainted’.

Amato Couture was born when award-winning Filipino designer Furne One happened to meet a Pakistani textile boutique owner, Rashid Ali, in a Dubai that was just starting to become the cosmopolitan it is today. Ali has always had a passion for rare textiles, a love that allowed him to come into contact with the biggest designers and fashionistas in Dubai. Combining this knowledge of what people in the region really wanted with Furne One’s creative genius, the two were able to create a design house loved in the region and beyond.


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Read on to know all about Amato Couture’s Dubai Fashion Week FW23 show.

Tell us more about the collection being showcased at Dubai Fashion Week. 

Amato will stick to its DNA – edgy, avant-garde, mystical, theatrical, and most of all – full of wits and drama. I want to celebrate my artistry as well as the artists that work behind the scenes. Our city thrives on fashion because of the people that work tirelessly to cut, stitch, and embellish the dress. These are skilled workers who have a passion for arts and crafts.

I will play around my strengths and you will see the best pieces that we have produced over the past years in the business. All my iconic pieces and silhouettes will be shown in this collection. The collection is entitled ‘Untainted’.

They will see the arts and craftsmanship that I and my team are putting to create these masterpieces. I want to highlight the artistry of those beautiful dresses and as always, this is what Amato Couture has been championing since the very beginning.

What kind of woman are your designs made for? 

Amato women are never afraid of the dictates of fashion. She clearly knows herself and will never doubt her choices. Brave, bold, yet benevolent. She is someone who will stand out in a crowd with utmost pride and dignity. She is playful yet passionate. She is feminine yet dominant. She is provocative yet inspiring.

How does it feel to be a part of the inaugural Dubai Fashion Week?

Dubai Fashion Week means a lot to me being a heritage brand that originally came from the depths of this magnificent city. My brand is a product of Dubai which I established more than 25 years ago. Fast forward, here we are with a momentous achievement in the fashion world, stamping this city in the global fashion scene as one of the most eclectic fashion hubs of the world.

This new chapter means growth while celebrating the roots. We are here today because of the people who worked hard before us. So I believe the Dubai Fashion Week is a celebration of this incredible milestone as well as introducing new regional talents to a wider global audience.

Name one regional and international celebrity you would love to see in your designs. 

I would love to see HM Queen Rania of Jordan and HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser wear my creations as these iconic women are just so fashionable. Everything they wear looks magical.

For international celebrities, I want to see younger stars wearing my dresses such as Zendaya, and Lily Collins, and pop stars such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and many more.

What’s next for Amato Couture? 

I often get this question in all of my interviews but I think the right answer here at this moment is I want to enjoy and celebrate where the Amato brand is right now. We have been working tirelessly since 25 years ago to make our name on the global scene and we have achieved it successfully – international shows, celebrity clientele, and global media exposure. Now with the changing dynamic of consumer behaviors, a wide array of channels for fashion influencing and the economical situation of the world, I think what’s next for me is to keep my creativity flowing and be inspired by the craft that I decided to make my life and career. However, a lot of things are definitely in the pipeline, so you better watch out.

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