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Welcome Ramadan in the Dreamiest Collection by This Bahraini Label

In our efforts to #BuyArabDesigners, one Bahrain-based brand, Amal Al Mulla, has made it easy by creating the dreamiest collection for the celebration of Ramadan.

Inspired by her heritage and a desire to give back to the region, designer Amal Al Mulla has created pieces for women to wear any time of day during the celebration and beyond. Femininity and ease are the foundations of the brand, something very evident in this effortlessly chic collection.

Pieces are composed in a range of soft colors, with pastel lavender hues and creamy whites exuding elegance and comfort at any time of day. Also find colors ranging from mud browns, everyday greys, to dark hues of rich forest greens and a bold pop of lime which provides a bold yet perfect opposition. Capturing the gracefulness of the time, pieces are made in the flowiest fabrics that remain comfortable while being beautiful for celebration. Find modesty in the longer dresses with delicate details such as smocking and lush gold buttons, or light abayas with panels that sway beautifully with movement, all of which demonstrate the luxuriousness Amal Al Mulla is adored for.

Carrying the vision of modernity and contrast, one will find structured cotton and the softest silks juxtaposed with taffeta, crepe, and luxurious satin textures, creating the perfect balance of delicacy and strength. The collection Conveys many values dear to Al Mulla, which she believes make the modern ‘every’ woman. It is meant to be ‘minimal in the way it feels when worn and timeless in the way a woman carries it’, says the designer, who hopes that those who wear the clothing will ‘take a piece from our collections and make it her own’. A truly respectful and inspiring notion.

To the designer, community and respect are most important when designing. Going beyond the two seasonal collections, Al mulla decided to create something unique to the culture and people around her, ‘to celebrate ourselves and our region in a way that doesn’t take us far from what the brand has grown to be’.

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