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5 Kinds of Bags That Can Elevate Your Look in Any Season

When it comes to adding finishing touches to your look, nothing beats a classic handbag. Whether you prefer wearing a crossbody bag, tucking a shoulder bag under your arm or swinging a tote on — there is nothing better than owning a style of bag that transcends all seasons. Shop from our curated list of bags below so you can elevate your outfits with ease, no matter the season.

Crossbody Bags

When it comes to utility, crossbody bags reign supreme. Offering hands-free ease and practicality, these timeless bags never fail to deliver on both style and function.

Tote Bags

With long versatile handles, roomy interiors, and with no complex compartments, the tote bag in all its simplicity is an enduring classic. Whether you opt for black leather, glossy mock-croc or prints, a timeless tote is sure to make an invaluable addition to your wardrobe.

Belt Bags

The functional belt bags or bum bags are always a smart addition to a well-curated wardrobe. New silhouettes and practical details make them a clever investment to last all seasons.

Shoulder Bags

Taking cues from the 90’s underarm styles, the classic shoulder bag has established itself as a wardrobe staple. Wear them across your chest or tuck them under your arm for a chic, hands-free option.

Top-Handle Bags

Exuding elegance and sophistication, the all-season “It” bags have gained momentum with designers continually bringing back their classic pieces with small design updates.

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