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HE Sheikha Alyazia on Inspiring Al Fardan Jewellery’s Ramadan Capsule Necklace

Photo: Courtesy of Al Fardan Jewellery

Al Fardan Jewellery recently opened its Abu Dhabi flagship boutique and showcased its Ramadan capsule necklace, inspired by HE Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and Sheikha Hamda bint Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan. Al Fardan, which was launched in 1954, gets inspiration from its extensive and abundant Emirati legacy. It continually creates timeless designs for women who embody rich Emirati traditions.

Photo: Courtesy of Al Fardan Jewellery

The medallion that was selected as a hero piece of the collection is delicately adorned with Sheikha Alyazia’s handwriting in religious prayers to mark the Holy Month of Ramadan. The capsule – called With Relatives – is representative of Ramadan’s essence that centers the bringing together of families and the art of gifting. The impressions pay homage to the early Islamic tradition where it was standard to have “hidden” prayers, and the intricate engravings fortify the concept of prayers as a form of protection and security. Sheikha Alyazia notes, “Approaching this design project with my cousin Hamda started with the idea of Ramadan, which gave lots of dimensions, exceeding the materialistic to the more cultural and spiritual.  This opened the way to the scope of light and also lamps. Even the tile shape was unconventional, with numerous corners resembling a star or rays.”

Photo: Courtesy of Al Fardan Jewellery

The design has been executed with coral and malachite, both of which will be stocked as distinctive medallions. The unique concept behind the color scheme is derived from luminosity and Islamic conventions, including the complex engraving of the medallion inspired by Andalusian tiles and floral motifs. These grow on to the design of the hook, encasing the pearl and coral heads. Playing on the idea of jewelry as being modifiable, the pearl tassel can be removed or added on. The jewelry is encased in handcrafted packaging by Emirati calligrapher and designer Narjes Noureddine.

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Originally published in the April 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia

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