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Aisha Binhendi’s Emirati Brand Toi is Redefining Elegance in the Fine Jewelry Space

Photo: Courtesy of Toi

Emirati founder Aisha Binhendi took her long-held passion for jewelry to new heights in the summer of August 2021, when she decided to create her own brand, Toi. Meaning “you” in French, the name is synonymous with her creations – each piece is unique to the person wearing it. “I truly believe Toi’s instant connection with people was due to it being made with authenticity; it came from the heart. What comes from the heart is always felt,” she says.

Photo: Courtesy of Toi

As a child, Binhendi would travel far and wide with her parents, and exploring Europe makes up some of her dearest memories. The designer says her childhood was pivotal in shaping the brand’s identity. “I’ve always been surrounded by my parents, they have great taste in art, furniture, fashion, and jewelry. I always traveled with my father to the Art Basel fairs as a young child; I was mesmerized by the beauty of watches and jewelry.” Growing up, Binhendi’s father involved her in business decisions, while her mother had exquisite taste in niche fashion brands, influencing her taste. “My mom always made such good decisions, and she had impeccable taste; this was something I always paid a“ en on to as a child and it grew on me as an adult.”

Zara McDermott wearing Sparkle earrings

The Sparkle Collection is testament to Toi’s unrivaled approach to design, and the symbol is something that resonated with Binhendi. “To me, the sparkle has always been a shape I loved; it’s the soul in all my designs, representing beauty and uniqueness.” The collections showcase the motif in diamonds and the ring designs feature statement geometric shapes. Binhendi offers, “The shape of the sparkle can be challenging; however that is why I find beauty in it.” The brand has found rapid success, and Binhendi happily lists recent milestones at the Cannes Film Festival – Indian actress Urvashi Rautela and Ukrainian singer Sasha Ray were spotted on the red carpet spor ng the Sparkle flower collection. “It is so surreal to see a Dubai-based brand that is less than two years old worn by celebrities at one of the world’s biggest events,” she says. A proud Emirati, Binhendi considers this just the beginning as she sets her sights on bigger things. She explains, “Looking ahead, I envision expanding Toi’s presence in Dubai, building upon the success achieved, and not only in the region but also globally. I want to bring an allure to the brand with exclusive pop-ups and private viewings all over the world.”

Sofia Saidi in the signature Sparkle collection

Originally published in the July/August 2023 issue of Vogue Arabia

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