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16 Affordable Summer Dresses to Buy Now

While we are still firmly in the depths of (albeit fashionable) leisurewear, and unsure if we will ever feel the sand between our toes again, there are some chic summer dresses on the market, that will make you feel summer-ready without breaking the bank. When opting for garments with a lower price point that you normally shop within, make sure to look at the fabric, construction, and production values. It is often better to go for a size larger in a less expensive buy, as the fabric will tend to hang better.

Obviously, it is much easier to recognize quality in-person, so try to buy in-store instead of online, as you will be able to feel the fabric and see how it drapes to the body. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, chiffon, and cashmere should be your go-to, while polyester, rayon, and nylon should be avoided unless as a small percentage in the mix. When it comes to construction, look for how well the seams are made, and understand that good quality finishings can make or break a garment. Less is often more when it comes to a lower price point, so try to stick to clean lines, in environmentally friendly fabrics, that are soft to the touch, lightweight, and simple in design.

Scroll above to see a selection of the best affordable dresses to invest in this summer.

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