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Exclusive: Dubai-Based Designer Ayesha Depala Launches Her First Physical Store of Sustainable Ready-To-Wear Pieces

963 Ayesha Depala. Photo:

You can now shop designer Ayesha Depala‘s ready-to-wear pieces from her new brick-and-mortar store starting this week. The Dubai-based Indian creative director known for her namesake couture, bridal—and more recently, ready-to-wear—labels, has announced the opening of 963 Ayesha Depala’s first physical store exclusively to Vogue Arabia.

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the heart of Depala’s aim for the brand, which was founded in the midst of the pandemic. “I had a lot of time to reflect and I got very inspired,” shares the designer. “As an entrepreneur, it was essential for me to evolve with the consumers’ evolution. 963 Ayesha Depala was born during a time of uncertainty, but I am confident that the pieces are unique, versatile, and that the collection will be a success.”

Photo: Courtesy of 963 Ayesha Depala

The celebrity-loved designer has previously had a physical store for her couture and bridal pieces, and her pieces have been available at a number of retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai and Bloomingdales Kuwait. However, it is the first time her ready-to-wear pieces will be housed in her very own store, after having spent 20 years in the industry. “It felt like the right time to showcase the new ready-to-wear collection in a dedicated standalone store for all the beautiful women out there,” says Depala of the decision. “One of my favorite elements in the store is the stone desk, made of exceptional Italian Travertine, it brings the space to life and compliments the ready-to-wear designs,” she adds.”I’m so excited to be launching 963 Ayesha Depala as the pieces are far more accessible, and with the brand’s emphasis now being experiential, this was vital for me as the product needs to be touched and experienced. ”

Photo: Courtesy of 963 Ayesha Depala

Special care has been put into the fabric sourcing for the brand, which is eco-conscious and ethical. Obtained from certified organic suppliers in India, the 100% vegan fabric is made using rose petals, aloe vera, and eucalyptus, while silks used are of the Ahimsa variety, produced without harming or killing silkworms. Garment labels are made of seed paper and fabrics are air-dried to reduce their carbon footprint. The pieces are also meant to be forever favorites in the wardrobes of modern women, done so by meticulous pattern-cutting and construction and an ethical handmade production process.

Photo: Courtesy of 963 Ayesha Depala

With part of the brand’s name (963) denoting the frequency associated with healing and positivity, it’s important for Depala that the store embodies the same. “I want my customers to learn about the story behind the creation of 963 Ayesha Depala and how the new line celebrates women every day,” she says. “The number 963 is very meaningful to me. It’s the healing frequency which is also known as pure miracle tones. As a conscious partner on the back of my own path of inner transcendence, I curate small circles for my clients with leaders in the field of breathwork, food as medicine, and coaching for their transformation. I stand for a brand providing garments for the outer and expanding consciousness for their inner growth.”

Photo: Courtesy of 963 Ayesha Depala

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