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9 Effortlessly Cool Fashion Formulas for Fall, Courtesy of the Paris Street Style Crew

Photographed by Acielle/Style du Monde

Not many peacocks flocked to Paris Fashion Week this season. The spring 2021 shows are normally swarming with decadent and over-the-top fashion on the streets. But this time around, things were different. Due to the pandemic, there were fewer physical runway presentations, no major events, and with travel restrictions still in place, fewer people in attendance. The street style reflected this forced, new sense of calm and quiet. Those who attended Paris Fashion Week certainly got dressed up, and to be sure, there was plenty of major fashion to behold during the last week or so. But mostly, the street style crew spotted in the City of Light kept things sartorially chill.

They mixed and matched classics, and favored jeans and easy jackets over heavy, embellished dresses and outerwear. Though, there were some feathers and wild prints too, the former of which was spotted on comfy sweats that deserved to be seen outside of the house. Blazers were a staple item for many of the showgoers too, as were polo knits and lace-up boots. Despite the absence of the typical cadre of fashion lovers with a capital F, this season displayed the kind of perfect, effortlessly cool transitional fall wardrobes that everyone wishes for this time of year.

Below, here are nine covetable fall outfit formulas to contemplate this season, inspired by the Paris street style-ers who clearly know that right now, fashion can and should be as easy as one, two, three.

Recycled Quilt Coat + Wool Trousers + Brown Boots = Eco-Conscious

Photographed by Acielle/Style du Monde.

Fringe Jacket + Statement Collar + White Jeans = Where Trends Meet Classics

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Grandpa Blazer + Wool Scarf + Hiking Boots = Upstate Chic

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Chunky Chain Necklace + Floral Cardigan + Black Jeans = Zoom Ready

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

White Wrap Jacket + Black Leather Trousers + Ankle Boots = The Monochrome Manual

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Polo Knit + Pleated Skirt + Tights = Straight-A Style

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Embroidered Blouse + Wide-Leg Jeans + Pretty Pearls = Fall Cottagecore

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

Fleece Jacket + Sheer Top + Sneakers = Street Style Sweats

Photographed by Acielle / Style du Monde

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