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12 Wardrobe Essentials For That Stylish Eid Staycation

With Eid Al Fitr just around the corner and summer finally in full swing, a long weekend makes the perfect time to enjoy a much-needed break in a wardrobe tailored to suit your off-duty mood.

If your original summer travel plans are on hold, there are still options that are primed for exploration and relaxation. The most successful way to convince yourself you are on a faraway vacation? Actively dress for the occasion.

There is no shame in indulging in the perfect bucket hat or beach sandal, especially after months of staying in and dressing in pajamas day after day; pay attention to thematic details to animate your vacation experience. Models like Imaan Hammam and Azza Slimane can attest to this in their playful wardrobe choices for the tropics.


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Coordinate outfits to suit your itinerary. Sunset drinks call for a chiffon midi skirt or tiered maxi dress, daytime lounging or a spot of sightseeing requires shade in the form of a raffia sun hat, and those special occasion dinners? Only a Dolce & Gabbana silk halter top will do.

For a beach day don’t skip out on raffia shoppers big enough to fit books, SPF and lounging essentials. In fact, for any planned sandy days tap Mykonian beach vibes with accessories in natural fibers. Matching loungewear sets, such as those offered by Burberry, create an effortless yet composed ensemble when dressing up can feel too demanding.

Yes, making a sartorial effort can feel too much when the point of a vacation is to switch off completely but subtle fashion choices can enhance your experience. While the distance you travel may be compromised for the time being, the environment you create for yourself doesn’t have to be.

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