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These 100 Saudi Brands Will Be Mentored By the Biggest Fashion Powerhouses in the World


Photo: Courtesy of Abadia

The finalists of Saudi Arabia’s 100 Brands program in partnership with Vogue Arabia have officially been announced. Funded by the Fashion Commission of the nation’s Ministry of Culture and provided free of cost to nurture the Saudi fashion industry, the program has selected 100 well-deserving designers and brands within the industry who will receive 5,900 hours of specialized training and consulting in everything from bridal and haute couture to prêt-à-porter and jewelry design.

The urban-inspired fashion creatives to have made the shortlist include demi-couture designer Youssef Akbar, Riyadh; punctuated graphic brand Too Dark To See Tomorrow, Riyadh; and concept clothing brand Enrage, Riyadh. These brands are gradually changing the face of homegrown streetwear with their conceptual design approach and unabashed experimentation.

Yasmina Q’s debut collection, ‘Enchanted Meadows.’ Photo: Courtesy of Yasmina Q

Meanwhile, modest womenswear designers have also bagged coveted finalist positions, including luxury ready-to-wear and abaya labels Abadia, Chador, Nora Al Shaikh, and Koftan Studio, and sustainable fashion line Yasmina Q. Taking inspiration from ancient and modern civilizations, these brands continue to create full-coverage garments made of rich threads and fabrics that celebrate history and tradition with a modern touch, keeping Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage alive.

Lillian Ismail photographed by Abdullah AlShehri.

Leading the fine jewelry category, these selected brands have garnered a strong reputation and regional following thanks to their sleek, handcrafted jewelry pieces and watches that add a touch of glittering grace to every outfit: Charmaleena, Nadine Jewellery, and artisan Lillian Ismail, Jeddah.

Vogue Arabia Jewelry

Charmaleena’s My Heart pendant in yellow gold with lapis and diamonds. Photographed by Tina Patni

With some of the most talented and ambitious Saudi entrepreneurs and creatives bracketed for this all-encompassing venture, the program will ensure that they learn other key marketable skills, such as branding, conceptualization, sales performance strategy, public relations and marketing, client identification, innovation, and technology, via virtual and in-person training workshops. Professors from acclaimed fashion colleges, including Central Saint Martins, the Royal College of Art, Yale, and Parsons, and experts from fashion powerhouses LVMH, Kering, Chanel, Valentino, Swarovski, and Bulgari, will also mentor the handpicked creatives. Lastly, Vogue Arabia will help fashion brands to amplify their message, while also sharing knowledge on how best to approach editorial and social media content.

Additional finalists include:

NH designer, Riyadh
Youssef Akbar, Riyadh
Fatima alabdulkader, Riyadh
Razan Aalazzouni, Riyadh
Foz Couture, Khobar
Heba Alqurashi, Jeddah
Dar Al Hanouf, Jeddah
April Clothing, Riyadh
Aram, Riyadh
Nora Al Humaid, Riyadh
Eman Alajlan, Riyadh
After Twelve, Riyadh
Joli Design, Riyadh
Vintage Gada, Riyadh
Pavone, Riyadh
Mashael Al Faris, Riyadh
Khawla Al-Aiban, Riyadh
Rehaimiz, Jeddah
Hekayat, Jeddah
Tima Abid, Riyadh
Noora Hefzi, Riyadh
Hala Al Gharbawi, Germany
Amarah, Riyadh
Dazluq, Riyadh
By Sadeem, Riyadh
Nazik, Riyadh
Agmarat, Riyadh
Layla Moussa Design, Riyadh
Loodyana, Jeddah
Hadeel alhussain Khobar
Adelfes, Riyadh
Noora Al Harthi, Jeddah
Heba Mojadadidi, Riyadh
Kaf by Kaf, Riyadh
Alaa Hashim, Jeddah
Haifa AlMuhanna, Riyadh
Chador, Riyadh
Earth & Spirit, Jeddah
Alanoud Al Salem, Riyadh
Daneh Design
Abadia, Riyadh
See.mas, Riyadh
Yasmina Q, Riyadh
Rosa Canina, Riyadh
Haiba, Jeddah
Nora Al Shaikh, Jeddah
Al Maha Designs, Riyadh
Pearl Collection, Jeddah
Nora Al Shaikh, Jeddah
Dollybrand, Dubai/Jeddah, Riyadh
Glidah, Riyadh
Nakhlah, Riyadh
Yasmina Q, Riyadh
Nouf Fetaihi, Jeddah,
Mystik, Riyadh
Sara Intabi, Riyadh
Samah Abayas
Koftan ,Riyadh
Nouf Al Sudairi, Riyadh
Mashael Altorath, Jeddah
Shufoof, Riyadh
Sotra, Jeddah
Layla Bisharah, Jeddah
Eman Joharjy, Jeddah
Johrh, Riyadh
Zaina Elyas, Jeddah
Memash, Riyadh
Berela Line, Riyadh
Mayan, Riyadh
Eve Design, Riyadh
The Abaya Factory, Jeddah
Jino, Riyadh
Sindi, Jeddah
Qthobe, Jeddah
Dar Omar Ashour, Jeddah
Asim Baka, Jeddah
Noura Suleiman, Riyadh
Lomar, Jeddah
Hanuxe, Riyadh
Nadine Jewellery, Jeddah
Mine Oficially
Kees Chic, Jeddah
Nouq Designs
Bovenue, Riyadh
Arva Leathers
Dania Shinkar, Jeddah
Sarah Faisal ,Jeddah
Sleysla, Jeddah
Charmaleena, Jeddah
Qormuz, Riyadh
things by haa, Riyadh
Sajas, Riyadh
Shwah Jewelry, Riyadh
Amarin Jewels
Jwaher Jewels, Riyadh
Too Dark To See Tomorrow, Riyadh
Loomer Jewelry, Riyadh
Fluorite, Riyadh
Luda Jewelry, Riyadh
Lillian Ismail, Jeddah
Youra Jewelry, Riyadh
AlMuhaisen Jewelry, Riyadh
Lillian Ismail, Jeddah
Yataghan Jewelry, Riyadh
Jimar Jewelry, Riyadh
Ragail Jewelry, Riyadh
Sedra, Riyadh
Dalal Jewelry, Jeddah
Nadine Jewelry, Jeddah
Baby Fitaihi, Jeddah
Ivry, Riyadh
Not Boring, Riyadh
Galag, Jeddah
Proud Angeles, Riyadh
Unas Tokyo, Riyadh
1886, Riyadh
Torba Studio, Riyadh
Sheik is a brand, Riyadh
Real Self, Jeddah
MNF House, Jeddah
Noble & Fresh, Riyadh
Nasiba Hafez, Jeddah
Lurline, London

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