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10 Things You Need to Know About Loro Piana

From it’s rich heritage in the finest wools and craftsmanship to exquisite leather goods, Loro Piana launches its first e-commerce phase in the region, exclusively for the UAE.

1. A heritage steeped in high-quality craftmanship

– Originally from Trivero, the Loro Piana family became wool fabric merchants in the early nineteenth century. They later transferred to Valsesia, where today’s company was founded on April 4, 1924, by Pietro Loro Piana.

– Following the war, his nephew, Franco Loro Piana carved a reputation for high-quality fashion woolen fabrics and drapery.

Sergio (left) and Pier Luigi Loro Piana at the Roccapietra factory 3/2008. Photo: Eric Vandebille

– The sixth generation of the family comprised of a complimentary and brilliant brotherhood – Pier Luigi and Sergio Loro Piana, who entered the company in the 70s, taking over from their father as CEOs.

– The luxury goods division was born in the 1980s with products developed to accompany life at leisure, balancing the need for both elegance and function.

– Acquired by LVMH in 2013, the house continues to produce high-quality craftsmanship to the needs of clients’ everyday lives.

2. Exclusive cashmere

– Cashmere is the superfine under-fleece of the Hircus adult goat, grown to protect from the extreme climate of the harsh, desert landscapes they inhabit.

– Every goat produces only around 200-250g of under fleece each year. In spring, when the climate gets milder, goats naturally shed their coats and herders harvest cashmere by gently combing the animals.

– Baby Cashmere is the fibre obtained from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids through a delicate combing process, taking place within the first 12 months of the animal’s life, and only once in their lifetime.

– It took Loro Piana 10 years to convince goat breeders to set aside the exiguous amounts of the kid’s underfleece, ultimately establishing Baby Cashmere as one of the most exclusive fibres worldwide.

3. Protection of the precious Vicuña

-Vicuña is one of the rarest and most precious fibres in the world, that can be found in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

– Hunted indiscriminately for its valuable fleece for more than four centuries, the vicuña was risking extinction.

– In 1994 Loro Piana signed an agreement with the Peruvian government and the Andean communities, which granted the company the exclusive honor of buying, processing and exporting vicuña fiber obtained only from animals sheared alive.

– Their commitment was renewed in 2008 with the creation of the “Reserva dr. Franco Loro Piana”, Peru’s first private nature reserve. In this protected area of 2,000 hectares, the vicuñas are free to live wild.

– Loro Piana also sources vicuña from Argentina and Bolivia with sustainable methods in collaboration with local populations.

4. Awarding excellence to promote sustainability

– Every year Loro Piana recognizes and awards the work of breeders who have produced the finest fibre of wool (with the ‘Record Bale’ award), and of cashmere (with the ‘Cashmere of the Year’ award).

– Since the Record Bale was launched in 1997, fibre has been refined by almost 25%. It is a continuous move towards the highest possible quality, and an incentive to work to achieve increasingly fine and qualitative wool.

– Launched in 2015, the Cashmere of the Year Award aims to support and celebrate those who nurture the goats and harvest the rare cashmere. The award was established after the introduction of the  ‘Loro Piana Method’ in 2009 in Inner Mongolia, promoting a sustainable development model that contributes to a balance between animals, environment and local populations, thus preserving the quality of cashmere.

5. Elegant interior decor

– Producing exclusive fabrics for interior decoration offered to architects, interior decorators, and to the world’s most discerning clients, they are carefully crafted from soft, enveloping cashmere, and the finest wools, linens, silks, and cottons, drawing inspiration from the colors of nature.

– One of the last projects which embody the elegance of Loro Piana Interiors is linked to Villa d’Este, on Lake Como. In fact in 2019 Loro Piana completely refurbished Villa Cima, in the heart of Villa d’Este, with its Interiors fabrics.

– The inherent features of the space have been preserved and enhanced with interior fabrics, in shades of red burnt tones, in tribute to the villa’s surroundings and to Loro Piana’s trademark colors.

6. A vast and varied sporting background

MY SONG, Sail n: ITA 2311, Class: Superyacht, Length: 39,6 Builder: Baltic Yacht, Designer: Reichel Pugh

– Loro Piana has always been engaged in the world of sport with horse riding, sailing and golf contests and with historic cars. In 2007 they conceived the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta sailing event in Porto Cervo, and since 2016 has been the official supplier of the European team’s uniforms at the Ryder Cup.

– The world of sport has always represented the perfect laboratory and opportunity for Loro Piana to test new technical fabrics and finished garments with the new performances.

7. The Dubai flagship opening blending local culture with the brand’s history

– In November 2018, Loro Piana entered the Middle Eastern market with an immersive installation set in the sky garden of the Dubai Opera, celebrating a new store within the unparalleled Dubai Mall.

– The multi-sensorial installation invited visitors to discover the secrets of the world’s finest merino wool, one of Loro Piana’s most exclusive treasures: The Gift of Kings®.

– Partnering with Tashkeel, and renowned artist El Seed , in order to celebrate local culture, the specific piece was inspired by an ancient poem written by King Alfonso X, the enlightened, cosmopolitan ruler of thirteenth-century Spain who played a pivotal role in the history of merino wool.

8. A cinematic tribute to the heroes behind Loro Piana

– In October 2019 Loro Piana presented Cashmere – The Origin of a Secret, the first documentary in a trilogy directed by Luc Jacquet, Academy Award-winning director for the March of the Penguins. In these three films, the director explores the origin of the most iconic raw fibres for Loro Piana, stunning tributes to the brand’s excellences: cashmere, vicuña, and The Gift of Kings®.

9. The origin story behind the iconic white soles

– One of Loro Piana’s most iconic and historic products is the white sole shoe: the Open Walk and the Summer Walk. Created as a stylish accessory for those passionate about sailing they rapidly gained popularity for their comfort, lightness and clean yet original shape.

– The distinguishing detail of both models is their white sole, a giveaway of their nautical origins as white soles do not leave marks on the wooden decks of sailing yachts.

10. You can shop online in the region for the first time this Ramadan

– For the holy month of Ramadan, the new Loro Piana e-commerce launches its first phase in the region, exclusively for the UAE.

– Customers will now be able to order the same products on offer in Dubai Mall from the comfort of their own homes across all seven emirates, with same-day service, door-to-door delivery, and no additional charges.

– A range of special products will be available exclusively on the local e-commerce site for buyers, including a variety of exquisite leather goods for women including a squared shoulder bag in ostrich leather and a small alligator pouch with gold detailing.

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