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10 Fashion Buys Inspired by Sex and the City 2

Ten years ago this month, Sex and the City 2 hit the big screen, welcoming back the fabulous foursome and another round of killer outfits. For the second outing, wardrobe designer Patricia Field explored a typically OTT, decadent and fashion-forward approach to Middle Eastern style for scenes filmed in Morocco and set in Abu Dhabi.

With rolling orange sand dunes as their backdrop, Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda navigated the heat and camel transportation in kaftans, cape dresses, robes, turbans and trapper hats. “I could use hats freely for the first time,” says Field, “without having to justify them.”

Sex And The City 2

Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda in Sex and the City 2. Courtesy of Movie Stills DB

Halston Heritage, Dior, Chanel, Pucci, Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret and of course, Manolo Blahnik, are a few of the designer heavyweights to do battle for screen time during the course of the film, each look accessorized and bejeweled to the extreme for a total rumored wardrobe budget of $10 million.

Sex And The City 2

Sex And The City 2 Courtesy of Movie Stills DB

While such opulence may be out of most people’s reach (along with their desire to dress up in designer for a camel ride), it’s impossible not to appreciate the fashion moment for its glorious frivolity and outright excessiveness. Tap into the film’s Bedouin-meets-Aladdin-meets-Lawrence-of-Arabia style with a few key summer fashion buys…

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