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Hailey Bieber’s First YouTube Vlog with Kendall Jenner is a Surrealist Masterpiece

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Hailey Rhodes Baldwin Bieber, wife of Justin, face of Versace, friend to all, has joined the Vlogosphere. The 24-year-old launched her own YouTube channel with OBB Pictures on Friday, and according to her introductory video, she plans to use it to post short-form content ranging from “skincare routine videos to little travel blogs” along with hosting her own talk show, Who’s In My Bathroom? Which, yes, does sound like a ’90s horror movie.

Apparently, Bieber’s inspiration for the format came from photos of her with Kendall Jenner at the latter’s 21st birthday party. “I was thinking about like, where do girls talk the most when they’re out, or even getting ready,” Hailey explains. “It’s always in the bathroom.”


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Fitting, then, that Kendall is her first-ever guest, spending the afternoon making Annie’s Mac & Cheese on a hot plate in her bathrobe and succulent-filled loo. Things take a turn for the bizarre when Kendall suggests “buttering” the water, an idea that Hailey thankfully shuts down, before explaining that her floral serving plates were a wedding gift from Kris Jenner. “As soon as I got them I knew I wanted to eat mac and cheese out of the bathroom in them.” The wording is confusing but the sentiment is relatable.

At this point, the two decide to play Never Have I Ever. Among the key revelations from the models’ 12-minute-and-30-second-chat: the pair first met at the Hunger Games premiere in 2012; Hailey gets really bad heartburn; Jenner once “screamed at” Hailey at Coachella and made her cry; and both girls have read through their significant other’s text messages (in the past). “It’s so normal, people don’t understand how normal it is,” Hailey concludes of their friendship.

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