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The One Where You Can See the Friends Reunion Special Live

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The Friends cast is offering one lucky fan the chance to watch the reunion taping live from the studio as part of the All-In Challenge, a digital fundraiser that aims to help provide food for those in need. Photo: Instagram/@jenniferaniston

When it was finally announced the Friends cast was reuniting this year for one of the most highly anticipated reunions to ever grace the silver screen, fans around the world waited with bated breath, eagerly grasping for hidden clues and tidbits of information to help satisfy an almost unbearable suspense rivaling Ross and Rachel’s “will they or won’t they?” series-long romance.

However, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the special’s taping and instead of debuting in line with the launch of HBO’s new streaming platform HBO Max on May 27, the exclusive reunion will be released later on a yet-to-be-announced date.

Yet, the six castmembers who continue to entertain many of us from the comfort of our couches while we are isolated at home are making the extended wait worthwhile, offering one lucky fan the chance to watch the taping live in action from the studio as part of the All-In Challenge, a digital fundraiser that aims to help provide food for those in need.

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“We’re so excited to join the ALL IN challenge to help keep people fed and healthy during this time,” shared Jennifer Aniston on Instagram. “We’re inviting you and five of YOUR friends to join the six of us on Stage 24. Be our personal guests in the audience for the taping of our @HBOMAX reunion, as we reminisce about the show and celebrate all the fun we had… and get the whole Friends VIP experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.”

Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer also all posted on their social media accounts, encouraging people to donate any amount they can to to help curb the food insecurity crisis threatening many around the United States because of the pandemic.

“Go to to enter… and donate whatever you can — $10, $25 — every dollar counts,” continued Aniston. “100% of proceeds will go to @nokidhungry, @mealsonwheelsamerica and #AmericasFoodFund which benefits @feedingamerica and @wckitchen. Can’t wait to meet and hug you guys when this is all over. Until then, keep Facetiming, calling, DMing, and texting your friends and family. We gotta stay connected.”

The beloved sitcom stars are not the only celebrities to join the All-In Challenge that has quickly taken Hollywood by storm over the past week. A slew of A-listers including Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, and former Vogue Arabia cover star Ciara are also posting about and donating to the fast-trending movement while challenging other famous personalities to do the same.

Created by online sports retailer Fanatics, the initiative has already raised more than 58 million AED by offering donators a chance to either win a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a celebrity or bid on one of their prized possessions with all of the proceeds going to the various nonprofit organizations listed above. While Bieber will fly to your hometown and serenade you with his infamous “One Less Lonely Girl” and Ciara and her husband are offering a double date, Paltrow is auctioning off one of her vintage Academy Award red-carpet gowns in efforts to rally together during one of the toughest health crises of our time.

While Instagram challenges have taken over our feeds to the point of extremity the past few weeks, this is one challenge we can finally get behind: The One Where The Cast of Friends (and the World) is All-In To Help One Another.

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