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Coldplay are All Set to Perform in Jordan in Celebration of Their New Album

Coldplay: Photo: Shutterstock

Coldplay fans in the region can rejoice once again. One of the world’s biggest British rock bands will perform not one, but two concerts in Jordan at the end of the month to promote their upcoming double album, “Everyday Life.” Coldplay will perform the entire 53-minute record in Amman on November 22 in celebration of the global release day of their eighth album. Split into halves titled “Sunrise” and “Sunset,” the album reveal will mirror this concept with each half played at their respective times in Jordan. Although no information about venue and ticket information has been released just yet, Coldplay will stream both gigs live on YouTube in partnership with the video-sharing platform so fans can groove along to their 16 new favorite tunes wherever in the world they may be. 

“These two broadcasts have been our dream since we first started work on this album,” said the band in a statement. “It’s a bit impossible and a bit scary, like all the best dreams.”

The entire album roll-out experience has been quite old school from the signed postcards mailed to fans, the grainy hand-shot music video, and parody press release on YouTube to the tracklist announcement printed in the band members’ local newspapers amongst classified ads and we’re here for the nod to the nostalgic eras of rock and roll. 

Coldplay chose Jordan as its eagerly-anticipated album debut location for its “natural beauty and historical and cultural significance, while also reflecting the middle eastern flavors and motifs that permeate the album’s music and artwork.” 

“We’re really excited to launch our new album in Jordan,” said the band. “It has always felt like the perfect place for these two special shows.”

Following a line of noteworthy premieres this year, including the Middle Eastern screening of Aladdin with the film’s stars in attendance including Egyptian actor Mena Massoud, Jordan is making its mark on the international entertainment industry. “A hub for adventure, cultural, historical and faith-based tourism, Jordan is becoming the favorite location of international artists for music, film and festivals,” said Majd Shweikeh, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities. 

“I am excited this launch will showcase Jordan to the world in the light that it deserves hand in hand with international music icons who carry similar values and messages as the people of my country,” said Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board. “Having been picked by Coldplay to represent the spirituality and harmonious togetherness their music encompasses, wasn’t that farfetched, as Jordan is a true advocate of peace.”

Not only the concert destination but also the record itself is brimming with Middle Eastern influences, featuring an Arabic translation of the album title, “Al Hayah Al Yawmeya”, on the vintage monochromatic cover art and a few songs on the tracklist referencing the region. One track written in Arabic script, Bani Adam, (meaning “Children of Adam”) potentially alludes to the poem of the same name by 13th-century Persian poet Saadi Shirazi translated below:

“The children of Adam are the members of one another,

since in their creation they are of one essence.

When the conditions of the time brings a member to pain,

the other members will suffer from discomfort.

You, who are indifferent to the misery of others,

it is not fitting that they should call you a human being.”

Arabesque, one of the two lead singles from the album released so far, blends regional beats and mimics the sentiment of the poem above with the following lyrics: “I could be you, you could be me / Two raindrops in the same sea / You could be me, I could be you / Two angles of the same view / And we share the same blood.” Further calling on regional influences, Arabesque’s lyric video showcases a record player with “peace and love” in Arabic written on it as well as possible icons of the star and crescent widely used to symbolize Islam.

Although the upcoming concerts in the Jordanian capital will be Coldplay’s first performance in the nation, the Middle East is no stranger to the infamous band, including three unforgettable shows in Abu Dhabi between 2009 and 2016. Time will tell if Coldplay will be making yet another stop in the UAE, but we are crossing our fingers and toes in suspense for another adventure of a lifetime.

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