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Yasmine Sabri Discusses Arab Women’s Rights and Empowerment with Lord Purvis of Tweed in the UK


Yasmine Sabri recently sat down with Lord Purvis of Tweed for a discussion on women’s rights, as both, a female Arab actor who has made a name for herself internationally and as the ambassador of the London Arabia organization. At the panel, which was held at the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Sabri touched upon the challenges women face in the region, and in the film and TV industry.

“The thing that I have faced in the Arab world and I would like to be fair—it’s also universal… if I was in Hollywood, I would face the same challenges—is that you have to bend your morals to be somewhere, to move in life,” the Egyptian star said during the discussion. “I always had this concept that I don’t need to change who I am, I don’t need to bend my morals, I don’t need to give up my principles to be where I am today or where I want to be in the future.” Touching upon gender stereotypes and how they originate, Sabri said, “I think what is going to make this boy turn into a man is how his father treats his mother. I have been studying psychology in Harvard and we do so many studies on stereotyping and it all starts from ages 5-6, and this is when the child becomes like a sponge and absorbs everything.”


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The panel discussion marks one of Sabri’s many efforts in championing women’s rights. The former Vogue Arabia cover star is known to have worked with the Arab Women Organization and was also named an ambassador for African women at the Arab-African Conference on the Empowerment of Women held in Cairo in April 2019. “I’m a feminist,” Sabri shared with Vogue Arabia previously. “When I started focusing on women’s rights, going to refugee camps, and working with Arab women who had an affliction, I realized that I had a responsibility to help make an impact.”

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