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World Spinach Day: 5 Places to Get Your Fix in Dubai

Confirming there really is a day for everything, July 16 marks the celebration of world spinach day. Long touted by nutritionists as the superfood of all superfoods, this antioxidant-packed ingredient, although occasionally disliked, can usually do no wrong. From pastas and bakes, to waffles and desserts (Read: chocolate spinach brownies, anyone?), this mildly-flavored leafy green has graced dining tables around the world from as far back as the 12th-century. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or could do with a little reacquainting, here are five places you can get your spinach fix in and around Dubai.

Circle Café

With its quirky setting and health-focused menu, Circle Café is your go to for all things fresh and inspired. Located across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi, this homegrown restaurant chain offers a wide array of smoothies, salads, desserts, and more. With vegetarian and vegan options aplenty, there is something for everyone, regardless of preference or dietary requirement. In the greens department, options range from a classic green smoothie, boasting spinach, avocados, bananas, and dates to a pecan and goat cheese salad accompanied by spinach, kale, rocket, and beetroot.

Opso Dubai

Inspired by the salty shores of the Mediterranean sea, Opso Dubai is an intricate blend of authentic and modern Greek dining. Boasting an expansive menu filled with salads, spreads, souvlaki, and more; not to mention its very own feta bar, Opso is the ultimate ode to delicious meals made with fresh ingredients. With plenty of opportunities to get your greens, the restaurant is known for its crisp and delicious Spanakopita, a handmade spinach pie with mint and feta, served with a Greek yogurt dip.⁠ Looking for something less filling? Try the spanokorizo, a side dish made simply with spinach and rice.

Baker and Spice

A celebrated food shop and restaurant with locations across Dubai, Kuwait, and Bahrain, Baker and Spice is best known for their freshly sourced ingredients and homemade specialities. Boasting an all-day menu comprising Turkish eggs for breakfast and schnitzel for lunch, patrons are always spoiled for choice. With their vegetables sourced from local organic farms, the quality of their greens are second to none, so whether you’re in the mood for ‘green shakshouka,’ made with kousa and fresh spinach, or spinach felafels served with beetroot yogurt and sumac, you won’t be disappointed at Baker and Spice.


If you think spinach doesn’t belong in a cake, get ready to (literally) eat your words. Presenting the “Green Cake,” à la L’Eto. With layers of light, airy sponge cake made with fresh spinach and pomegranate, enveloped between waves of creamy mascarpone, each mouthful is as delicious as it is unique; not to mention beautiful – in case instagramming desserts is your thing.

Nuez Café

Home to a number of plant-based goodies, including gelato, coffee, waffles and smoothies, Nuez Cafe promises to awaken your taste buds through its delicious, healthy, and sustainable offering. Alongside the menu that is entirely gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free, the café also sticks to using biodegradable materials in a bid to stay true to its values. While there, don’t forget to try the spinach-based crepes accompanied by a range of toppings including tofu, lemon cream sauce, and tomatoes. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, we recommend the spinach waffles made with herbs and spices, and served with avocado.

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