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World Macaroon Day: 5 Places in the UAE to Get Your Fix


World Macaroon Day is celebrated on May 31. Photo: Shutterstock

Equal parts delicate and decadent, there are few things less delightful than a crunchy, coconutty, melt-in-your-mouth macaroon. Often confused with its Parisian counterpart, the meringue-based macaron, both macarons, and macaroons are said to have originated from amaretti-resembling cookies made by French monks in Renaissance Venice. While the macaron became synonymous with French flair, the macaroon evolved into something more akin to American modernity when a cookbook by Martha Washington instructed 18th-century chefs in America to combine coconuts, almond meal, sugar, and egg whites. A couple hundred years later and the rest is history!

While macaroons are less common to find in places outside of America, here are 5 places in the UAE you can get your tropical fix to commemorate World Macaroon Day on May 31.

1. Coconut Macaroon – Shakespeare and Co. 

Whimsically light meringue shells filled with milk ganache, chocolate, and coconut. Need we say more? Hand made at the Dubai store using artisanal techniques and premium quality ingredients, the coconut macaron from Shakespeare and Co is a one-way ticket to a tropical escape—complete with coconut trees and cocoa beans.

2. Amaretti Cookie – French Bakery 

Practically the real deal, these amaretti cookies from French Bakery are made with crushed almonds, egg whites, and sugar alone. Piped to the top in all its ruffled glory, atop an otherwise flat base, these cookies, while void of an obvious coconut tinge, resemble the smoothness of a macaroon Martha Washington herself would be floored by.

3. Hawaiian Pineapple Coconut Cookies – Chateau Blanc 

Courtesy of Chateau Blanc 

If you’re uncertain as to whether pineapple does or doesn’t belong on a pizza, you can be certain it definitely belongs in a cookie. These subtly sweet cookies from Chateau Blanc embody the texture of a crumbly American macaroon while hitting all the tropical tones spot on. We can hardly tell the difference, and neither will you.

4. Coconut Migniardise – French Bakery 

Made with butter, desiccated coconut, and coconut milk, this deliciously dense tea-time delight is perfect alongside a dollop of cream and a cup of tea. While softer than an original macaroon, the hint of coconut, while subtle, won’t overpower the otherwise buttery tones of this sweet French Bakery classic.

5. Coconut & Vanilla Ice Cream Cake – L’ETO 


Courtesy of L’ETO

Is including an ice-cream cake in what should exclusively be a cookie selection somewhat blasphemous? Maybe, but we won’t tell if you don’t! This creamy, coconutty cake from L’ETO is the perfect combination of tropical flavors and sweet vanilla overtones. The perfect side to accompany a warm summer’s evening, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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