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Inside the Royal Wedding of Princess Fadzilah, the Daughter of the Sultan of Brunei



The Sultan of Brunei’s sixth daughter, Princess Fadzilah Lubabul Bolkiah, was married last week and typical of the royal family in the small Southeast Asian country, the ceremony went on for seven whole days. From January 16 to 24, the 36-year-old princess celebrated her union with Abdullah Nabil Mahmoud Al-Hashimi. The wedding took place at the sultan’s palace, Istana Nurul Iman, and Fadzilah wore at least four different extravagant gowns. Fadzilah’s younger brother, Prince Mateen, a polo player and influencer, shared images of the various ceremonies on his Instagram.

Mateen is a well-known heartthrob and her late older brother Prince Aziz was a friend of a Hollywood set that included Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton, but Fadzilah has generally stayed out of the public eye. She has a master’s degree in business, is an avid polo player and equestrian, and she’s also the captain of the country’s national netball team, a sport that is also beloved by Kate Middleton. In 2014, Aquila Style said the princess has a “heart of gold,” adding that she is involved in charitable causes. Less is known about Abdullah, but Indonesian newspaper Jurnal Soreang reports that he owns a chain of coffee shops in Brunei. The couple’s engagement was announced on December 31.


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According to India Today, Malaysian designer Bernard Chandran designed the glimmering silver dress that Fadzilah wore during the Istiadat Bersanding Diraja ceremony, where the couple is presented as husband and wife for the first time. For the reception, the couple wore matching iridescent grey outfits, and Fadzilah wore an emerald-and-diamond tiara borrowed from her stepmother, the Queen of Brunei, along with other jewels from her collection. Brunei News Gazette reported that the capital city was decorated with colorful neon lights to celebrate the events and arches were installed at the mosque where the religious ceremony took place.

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