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Watch: W Dubai – Mina Seyahi Gets a Bold Makeover by Artist Pilar Zeta

In a celebration of creativity, the W Dubai – Mina Seyahi hotel undergoes a vibrant transformation at the hands of artist Pilar Zeta. Watch for a tour.

w hotel mina seyahi

Photo: Courtesy W Dubai – Mina Seyahi

We find ourselves on a rare patch of green in Dubai, where an Argentinian artist welcomes us into The Garden of Duality. That ‘somewhere’ is none other than the W Dubai – Mina Seyahi hotel, where we are greeted by a breathtaking multifaceted outdoor installation created by internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Pilar Zeta.

Taking inspiration from previous collaborations, W Hotels has fully embraced the vibrant energy of both, local and international artistic experiences, captivating guests from around the world. In 2022, Pilar Zeta partnered with W Hotels in Miami, unveiling her mesmerizing installation during Miami Art Basel. Since then, W Hotels has been on a journey to deepen this connection, partnering up with Mambo Creatives, a specialized agency for creative talents, to curate unique and elevated art experiences and narratives. This partnership aims to connect the hotel with influential tastemakers and contribute to significant cultural moments. The hotel and brand are highly culturally engaged with locals through elevated immersive experiences that continue to position W Hotels brand as a creative space for all.

Now, W Hotels takes center stage once again as it joins forces with Pilar Zeta for Art Dubai. As the premier international art fair in the Middle East, Art Dubai provides a dynamic platform for global art discussions, showcasing the vibrant cultural tapestry of the region.

To capture this momentous collaboration, Vogue Arabia speaks exclusively to Zeta to discover her latest creative intervention with W Hotels. Below, she takes us on a poetic journey through W Dubai – Mina Seyahi, reflecting on her creative process as she leads us through the hotel’s various unique, art-inspired spaces – including her own multifaceted outdoor installation.

In a new visual experience, the W’s tranquil garden is where we find Zeta seated on a handmade woolen tapestry. As she invites us to explore the W property with her, we catch a glimpse into a world where art and hospitality seamlessly come together, offering guests an unforgettable experience. 

As part of a global W Hotels initiative to bring elevated art experiences to new audiences, W Dubai – Mina Seyahi and Zeta lead audiences into a large-scale chess set, where traditional pieces are transformed into abstract sculptures that reinvent the classic colors, forms and shapes of the game.

Next, Zeta leads watchers to the poolside, which exudes a 1970s Art Deco ambience, as she shares the inspiration behind her otherworldly work. The artist draws from seemingly unrelated sources like ancient Egypt and quantum physics, evident in the life-sized abstract sculpture located within the Garden of Duality. Zeta describes the sculpture as a portal to the mysterious and magical, inviting viewers to explore its depths. 

Transitioning to the luxurious penthouse suite at W Dubai, Zeta then opens up about her vision to transcend traditional galleries, aiming to inspire and uplift viewers. From the vantage point of an electric pink elevator, she envisions the impact of her art, and we see how W Dubai – Mina Seyahi serves as the perfect backdrop for dreamers like her. 

As the curtain falls on our conversation with Zeta, the creative leaves us with a powerful reminder: that creativity is a driving force of the universe. This sentiment resonates as we witness the transformative connection between design and art through Pilar Zeta’s mesmerizing Garden of Duality at W Dubai – Mina Seyahi.

Videography: Kalid Hasan
Style: Marilla Rizzi
Hair and makeup: Arianna Scapola
Producer: Rama Naser
Production: Dinika Govender
Hair and makeup assistant: Lydia Tamara
Location: W Dubai – Mina Seyahi
Fashion: Pilar Zeta wears pink graphic catsuit, Pucci; gray jacket and white trousers, Moschino; green jacket and skirt set, Keburia.

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