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Kim Kardashian Takes Us Inside Her Super Sleek, All-Neutral Office Space in a New Video


Never failing to showcase her love and adoration for minimalistic tones, reality star and makeup mogul Kim Kardashian has yet again expressed her fondness for neutral shades. In a new YouTube video posted on her channel, Kardashian offered an inside look at her workspace, which was designed by AD100 alumni ​​Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez in collaboration with Michèle Lamy of Rick Owens. “She did all the furniture and helped me come up with everything that I would possibly need and love for this big space,” the entrepreneur said about Lamy.

In the video, the 41-year-old flaunts the roughly 40,000 square foot space with samples of Skkn packaging made out of actual stone as a testimony for the final designs. The video also features several pieces by Rick Owens, out of which Kardashian said one of her favorites is a cavernous lounge area, a layered earth-tinted affair that was designed to be an office-appropriate version of a Rick Owens bed. The piece seems to include repetitions of the designer’s ‘Glade Blench’, a walled seating design made out of plywood and wool army blankets, for which inspiration was drawn from the filtering of sunlight through the canopy. The office also has several other alabaster Rick Owens furniture, along with two enormous creamy white benches, which were designed in 2014 in a limited edition run of eight.

The space features an open-plan kitchen area that houses Donald Judd tables as well as a complementing fleet of the influential designer’s signature Chair 84. “I’ve really gotten into furniture lately,” the Skims owner remarks before heading onto a conference room, where an alabaster Rick Owens table is coupled with Jeanneret chairs that Kardashian dyed to keep in line with the earthy-toned aesthetic. “It’s blasphemous that I did that if you know anything about furniture,” she says of the remodeled chairs, which turned into highly demanded collector’s items after its initial design to serve as seats for public buildings in the city of Chandigarh, India during the 50s. The chairs are made of durable teak and cane and can amount upto US $75,000. “I love it, I stand behind my decision, and I think they visually look very pleasing,” Kardashian said, with conviction regarding her creative flair with interior designs.

Below, watch Kim Kardashian take us through her office space.

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