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How to Watch Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration

The “Field of Flags” is illuminated on the National Mall as the US Capitol Building. Photo: Getty

US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is right around the corner. On January 20, Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be sworn into office, taking the reins of a country not only in the middle of a pandemic, but also just a few weeks after an attempted coup. (Both of these mean transforming a usually jam-packed event into a smaller, highly militarized in-person affair.) All eyes will be on the historic ceremony unfolding on the West Front of the US Capitol building.

Here’s your guide to where to watch it and what to expect.

How to watch

The inauguration will take place Wednesday morning in the US, which for the Middle East would be late evening. An exact time has not yet been announced by Biden’s inauguration committee, but the ceremony typically commences between 11am and 12pm US time. All major news networks will broadcast the event on television, with networks like ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and more planning special programming that will cover all angles of the event throughout the day. Platforms like Sling, Hulu’s live TV option, and Roku can also enable subscribed viewers to access and stream these cable networks.

There are also plenty of free ways to watch the event online, starting with an array of YouTube options. Biden’s Inaugural Committee will livestream the event on YouTube at the link provided here. (The video is embedded below.) The Committee will also livestream on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. PBS NewsHour will livestream the inauguration on YouTube here. C-SPAN will, similarly, livestream the event on YouTube here.

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