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Vogue Values: All 26 Editions of Vogue Come Together to Announce a Global Mission Statement

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Vogue today announced the launch of Vogue Values, a global mission statement adopted by all 26 editions of Vogue that articulates the titles’ shared commitments for 2020 and beyond.

Vogue reaches more than 268 million consumers across the globe and is the most influential voice of authority in fashion. With this position of authority comes the responsibility for Vogue to inform and shape the global conversations that define our societies. Over the last century, Vogue has always stood behind the issues that matter. Vogue Values is a testament to the power of the global brand when it speaks with a collective voice.

Vogue Values is a statement of principles for all editorial teams to stand by, that each Vogue Editor-in-Chief worldwide has signed their name to.

For over a century, Vogue has empowered and embraced creativity and craftsmanship; celebrated fashion, and shined a light on the critical issues of the time. Vogue stands for thought-provoking imagery and intelligent storytelling. We devote ourselves to supporting creators in all shapes and forms. Vogue looks to the future with optimism, remains global in its vision, and stands committed to practices that celebrate cultures and preserve our planet for future generations. We speak with a unified voice across 26 editions standing for the values of diversity, responsibility and respect for individuals, communities and for our natural environment.”  – All the Editors-in-Chief, Vogue

Vogue Arabia editor-in-chief Manuel Arnaut adds, “We are excited to take part in this meaningful campaign that brings together all the international editions of Vogue. Regionally, we will dive deep into topics of sustainability, diversity, support of homegrown talents, and the preservation of Arab crafts. This will be a continuation of the positioning of the work Vogue Arabia has been developing since its foundation, now more amplified with this global project. We should take great care of the world we live in, and with this refreshing statement, I am confident Vogue Arabia and its team are pushing forward in the right direction.”

Our audiences expect Vogue to be socially responsible, to represent people from all backgrounds, and to have a strong voice on current affairs and global issues. Sustainability is a topic that has particular resonance as 74% of Vogue readers rate sustainable fashion as important to them; 78% of Vogue readers say that they expect Vogue to recommend sustainable fashion brands.

“As the world’s leading fashion title, Vogue has the ability to move, influence and inspire — and with that, a responsibility to lead on the issues that matter most,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Condé Nast. “For over a century, Condé Nast’s titles have driven the cultural conversation and propelled meaningful change around the world. This new commitment underscores what we can accomplish when we work together to leverage our global reach.”

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